Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Even the nicest people have their limits

One of the sweetest people I've ever met is Miss Lisa. She's got the patience of a saint (married to wirecutter) and the biggest heart. She's just plain nice. And we've watched her be repeatedly and viciously attacked by someone with no honor, decency or chivalry. She's quietly taken it, held her head high with dignity, and turned the other cheek. But even saints have a breaking point. And when they snap, they don't deal in petty name-calling and mud-slinging.  Oh no, they start turning over rocks and shining lights in dark closets. And they can find some amazingly slimy things hiding there. Never underestimate a quiet woman.



Lisa Lane said...

You are just too kind, and I love you honey!

Anonymous said...

I have no Idea why they haven't made a formal complaint to the FBI and TBI. That would start the ball rolling to send BOTH scumbags back to cement hell where they belong---Ray

Atlas said...

Reading "SJWs Always Lie" by Vox Day may offer some ideas on how to deal with these ankle-biters. It is on Amazon and not very much in cost.

Anonymous said...

anyone who doesn't like, or is not nice to Ms Lisa is on my "way worse than shit" list.......(get a rope!)

vaquero viejo

Lisa Lane said...

vaquero viejo....<3

Granny said...

I have hesitated to comment because I am loath to do so when I am in a blind rage. Not a good idea. Engage brain before opening your mouth.
Basic rule number one.
Even though we have never met, I consider you a friend, and as such when somebody messes with you, it pisses me off.
I have a feeling that your wonderful husband is in the process of dealing with the 'problem'. On ya Ken! Hang in there Lisa, right will win.
The basic problem with dealing with scum is you have to get your hands dirty.

Guy Stumpman said...

I just followed her blog with my Guy Stumpman account. Will I still be able to view it if she marks it to private again?

P.S. Fuck that little ginger midget loserface Scammy

hiswiserangel said...

Guy, make sure you have her email address. If she goes private, shoot her an email and she'll add you to the list. She needs your email to send you an invite. That goes for the rest of you schmoes.