Thursday, June 16, 2016


This gentleman is why they were called
The Greatest Generation.


Stretch said...

Excuse me while I cry my eyes out.

Anonymous said...

I bow in humble adoration, i salute with the greatest pride!

vaquero viejo

Bogdaddy said...

There were sooo many of the Special Forces that will never be publicly acknowledged due the nature of their very patriotic actions. My hat is off to those selfless men as well.

Anonymous said...

at times i weep, in respect, gratitude and admiration of that generation, and sorrow at the fact that there will never be another even a fraction that good.

RabidAlien said...


Anonymous said...

Canadian Veteran - as a Canuck I'm filled with pride, admiration & immense gratitude.

skybill said...

Hi Angel,
Yup, they are out there..... Here in "My little Town" down in SE Louisiana we have a man who is a WWII vet and still quite an active member of the community.... Willie Bader, 93 years old, still substitute teaches High School locally, he and I are in the local VFW Post.. He is our JAG.. he used to teach and he taught me Algebra in High School!! When I was 9 years old Willie went to the Mayor of Hammond and asked for some base balls and bats from the recreation dept so he could teach us kids how to play Baseball... we kids were the ones on "Willies Farm Team" that summer! Willie is 93, I am 71, do the math!!
"Armed Infidel!!,"