Thursday, June 16, 2016

Howard Stern on Wolves and Sheep


John The River said...

Imagine if Japan hadn't attacked Pearl Harbor but continued to build up their forces and expand outside of the limited Pacific interests of the USA and if Hitler hadn't obliged FDR and Churchill with a declaration of war. Nazi Germany could have finished it's European conquests and laid claim to Britians navy, built a working Atom bomb and integrated Russia's army into it's own forces.

But the important thing is that Americans would be at peace and can ignore what's going on. Until the bad guys are ready.

Every day we continue as we are going I despair, somewhere the price we are going to pay for this 'peace' is getting higher.

Coyote Hubbard III said...

Too bad it (youtube thing) was killed in less than two days of posting. Wonder where it lives still out there.

Anonymous said...