Thursday, June 30, 2016

Now you know why I garden


Anonymous said...

the strange thing is... I GET IT!!

vaquero viejo

drjim said...'re a "predator"?

Sarthurk said...

No, She's a Terminator!

Good on that Ginger girl!

Bogdaddy said...

My Bronx-born Italian wife would have loved that one!

Ted Buila said...

I call it editing..and it is. I do it best bare spell check, Strunk or AP guidelines, mouse or surgical tools. Always on my hands and knees — a little tough on my Wranglers/you'd think I find some double knee ones.. anyway, saves cutting my fingernails.

I'll let you go figure out why it feels good to stretch 'in' 4 feet (my garlic rows are 8'/weed from the ends) + dig my fingers in and come back with a 'prize' and a clean bed.

Lisa Lane said...

You are sooo loving of your finer qualities I'd say!! ; P