Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A gas shortage means an everything shortage

George Patton has an excellent post up in light of the recent gas shortage in the Southeast. He points out that you have to think BEYOND the lack of gas and be prepared:
"Fuel shortages are often about a lot more than you running out of fuel or adjusting your lifestyle because you can’t drive around.  In this case, it was problems with gas.  The next time, it could be diesel.  Most of the 18 wheelers you see running up and down the highway run on diesel.  Those same 18 wheelers deliver groceries daily to your grocery store and fuel to your gas stations.
The impact of this pipeline break is expected to be over in a week, when everything is expected to be back to normal.  Of course they waited a week before they announced it, so that means that the impact was two weeks.
What does that mean to us?  You need to be able to make it for two weeks when nothing else is going wrong.  Two weeks of going to work every day, feeding your family, going to church on Sunday and essentially doing all of the things that you normally do.
So, how do we do that?"

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Anonymous said...

Lots of tuna-fish under the bed. Mayonnaise. Lots of Mayonnaise.

You can live on it for a very long time. Get small jars of mayo too, so if refrigeration is an issue, you aren't wasting much. You need the protein, from the tuna, and the fat (lots of fat for energy) provided by the mayo.

Just pick up a package of Ozarka every time you go to the market. Put it in the shed, or garage (do not put the plastic directly on concrete, I am told. Something about the lime reacting with the plastics and having polymer creep, I don't know. Maybe it is an old wives tale.

Anonymous said...

shotgun, rifle,shells, cast iron skillet,flour, cornmeal, baking powder, LOTs of bacon, large water storage tank,......whisky....

vaquero viejo