Thursday, September 29, 2016

I don't know

Woke up, opened my blog, no blogroll. Gone, POOF! Never to return.

I didn't do it. I don't know if anyone intentionally did it, or if the universe just really wanted to fuck with me today. And by extension, fuck with some of y'all.

Now the pisser of it all is this:

To put my blogroll back, I have to open the widget, then open the blog, copy the URL, put it in the widget, click save, go to next blog and repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

I had over 40 blogs on my blogroll. I don't remember what I had on there. I can think of maybe 5 or 10. The rest elude me. So I will do the ones I remember. If there are any I missed that you can't live without, comment here or email me. I'll get to it when I can.


D S Craft said...

Dear Ms Angel,

Here's what you had on Sept. 23 this year (I'm hoping this is what you meant by your blogroll):

People Who Have Stuff I Covet

Memories Headwear
Hand Tools
Gerber Tools
SOG Knives
Kershaw Knives

Happy Campers


People Who Make Me Think

90Ninety Miles From Tyranny


Common Cents


Free North Carolina


The Vulgar Curmudgeon

Irons in the Fire

Adrienne's Corner

daily timewaster


Blue's Blog

Everybody Has To Be Somewhere

Michelle Obama's Mirror

Chant du D├ępart

Barbed Wire and Bracelets

Your Crazy Uncle Bubba

Golden Geese

Roberts Gun Shop

Kansas redneck

Weird And Pissed Off


Another Day.....Another.....


Plan of the Day

Son of Liberty

Sean Linnane

The Voices In My Head

A father of four

A trainwreck in Maxwell

Pitsnipes Gripes

ElectricMonkey; a fat fingered ape with a keyboard

Libertas and Latte


Knuckledraggin My Life Away Part I

Anonymous said...

Blog roll

Free North Caroline
Your Crazy Uncle Bubba
Theo Sparks
Knuckle Draggin - I know you got this one, just sayin.....
90 miles form tyranny
double trouble
the othe mccain

I suggest going to your crazy uncle bubba and copying his blog role

Dapandico said...

I would also suggest Weasel Zippers.

Terry said...

And I thought I was a stalker. Rank amateur next to those folks. :)

John said...

Go to "Crazy Uncle Bubba", pretty close. Love your blog, btw.

MacGhil said...

I wondered what happened. I was missing it today because I use it every day. I hope they appreciate you.

The Wayback Machine has the links for D S Craft's Sept. 23 list:

I'm pretty sure I first came here through The Burning Platform, which I recommend.

Thanks for your fun blog!

Anonymous said...

go to
and enter your url and you can see screen shots of your site over a couple of years
good luck

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the wayback machines September 23 capture of the website.

donnie mccollor said...

...not just you, Angel...same thing (missing links list) on several other blogs I visit...

Anonymous said...

There is a utility called AutoIt. It automates Windows commands and mouse strokes. You can create a file of your blog roll in a text editor and it will read the file and load your info. It's very useful. People thought I was a genius at my last job. Nope, just lazy.

wirecutter said...

Blogger's been fucking up your blogroll for a month now. Go to wordpress and start a new blog, do a final post here directing your readers to your new URL and leave this one up for the archives. I did it 3 years ago and never looked back.

Dick said...

This is starting to form a pattern. Conservative or anti-liberal sites having total failures. Backup time folks! Get you an external hard disk and do a daily backup.

Anonymous said...

hmm; another case of "hilly the were pig"

at least you are still alive!

or is this a "bad thing"?


Dwan Seicheine said...

Everyone is having this problem.

wirecutter said...

You know, technically speaking you don't actually need a blogroll.

Wind River Ranger said...

At least it did not reset your Happy Camper counter.

Coming up on 5 million - I remember back when ...

Andy said...

Wirecutter brings up a good point. I have a couple of blogs on blogger and maybe one on Wordpress. I can' remember exactly why but when I recently started a new blog I went with blogger. The whole idea of someone else hosting and therefore controlling my blog has always bothered me. When I was blogging more seriously, I had my own hosting. I had to give up when times got bad for us and lost it all.

In any case, I can see a need for a hosted blog platform that would not penalize folks for their views. Would this be of interest to anyone? I'd likely have to charge a couple of bucks per month to cover costs. However I could help anyone who asks monetize their site.

The setup would be similar to hosted blogs i.e. Those who already have hosted sites and/or own domain names could be set up under a subdomain. (It this stuff makes your head spin, don't worry, I'll be there to help.)

As for the blog platform, you could use any one you want as long as it is available. In other words - if you use Blogger you will probably have to switch but if you don't want Wordpress, you are free to find something else.


Chief Nose Wetter said...

I got hit too. Lost my blogroll. Fuckers!