Thursday, September 22, 2016

Don't call me princess


Anonymous said...

ooooo, baby!! gimme one of those!!

vaquero viejo

Granny said...

Princesses are a dime a dozen. A Shield maiden is worth a kings ransom. (Or a shield warrior) Someone who has your back is the best form of defense. They are rare and to be treasured.
Last century I was involved in a full on riot with a cabin full of Juvenile Offenders in Okeechobee, Florida. The were kids from Liberty City and Khrome Avenue in Maimi. Lights out steel desks sliding down a terrazzo hallway, slippery as shit and dangerous. I had the only "Mixed cottage" and used to read to them from books that I thought would interest them.
Anyway back to the riot.
There was one 16 year old kid there who's entire family was in Raiford.

Willy got mad one day and threw a telephone pole across the concrete basketball court. That kid was strong!
That night he was right behind me, had my back, and only hesitated a moment when I said, "Help me get these Niggers back into the dorm". It was the N word of course.
The backup from the guards was suspiciously slow in arriving. Turns out they didn't like my style of treating kids like human beings.
I left soon after when the kids told me that there was a contract out on me for a carton of cigarettes. Beaten and raped was the deal.
Not this little black duck.
I did some good there, but not enough.

RabidAlien said...

Shieldmaiden for me, please.

Volfram said...

My experience has been that engineers are at least 20% sexier than "ordinary" women.

If you're going to get a woman, find one who will stand up for you. Men have a hard enough time standing up for ourselves, and she'll make an example of anyone who picks on you.

genericviews said...

Shield maiden who looks like a princess? Or one who looks like Brianne of Tarth?

Mike said...

Had you seen this news before you posted the Shield Maiden?

Dwan Seicheine said...


Anonymous said...

From the wife straight up 3 % : ” We have now been driven to madness, poked like rabid animals in a cage . You are unleashing a beast that loves the blood of it’s enemies. We are an enemy that will play sport with your skulls, that will fashion your flesh for our war drums. We will pound our fearsome sound out with your bones. Can you hear the sound? It is getting closer and closer” Yeah, that’s my baby. I will love her ’til I die.