Thursday, September 8, 2016

But they died with a smile

I read a novel by a very talented BDSM author, Cherise Sinclair, in which 
the hero's entire squad in Afghanistan was wiped out by an exploding IUD. 
I, being OCD, had to reach out to her and point out the typo.
She acknowledged that she was aware of it; it was her favorite happy error.

And then there was the time when my boss, the Athletic Director at WTA&M,
on passing a new condominium site on the way to the Amarillo Civic Center, 
pointed out, "Those are the hardest condoms to get into...."


Andrew said...

Unfortunately, the man-supplied explosive device tends to be the reason for the need for contraception.

Anonymous said...

WTA& that my old school, West Texas State University?
Please note: I refuse to acknowledge those traitorous traitors over there at Texas A&M

Anonymous said...

A jaded old lady from knox. Set dynamite off in her box. When asked the sensation she said with elation "Its better than elephant cocks!"---Ray

Rob said...

Nymphomaniacal Lil
Tried a dynamite stick for a thrill.
They found her vagina
In South Carolina,
And bits of her tits in Brazil.

JeremyR said...

It is the most popular form of birth control in the middle east. Heck, in most mooslime countries. Got a kid who needs the short bus? Strap him full and send him to Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

stories drifted back from Viet Nam about native hookers with "bad stuff" in their vaginal orifice.....loss of a random finger was better than the alternative.....

vaquero viejo

Ogrrre said...

A lass from old Amarillo
tired of finding strange heads on her pillow
decided one day, to keep men away
she'd stuff up her crevice with Brillo.

JC said...

Cherise Sinclair? You naughty girl you! (Makes note of author's name for future reference.) (Like if I see it on a date's bookshelves or something.)

hiswiserangel said...

JC, lots of really great ideas, naughty ideas, downright wicked ideas, in Cherise's books. Also a good study of responsible Doms. And IMHO, her books make 50 Shades look like amateur hour.


Anonymous said...

Wise Angel One, you seem VERY familiar with Ms Sinclair's "body" of work....

vaquero viejo