Thursday, November 24, 2016

Angel's Thanksgiving Day Tradition


ccbpc said...

Best episode of WKRP EVAH! Happy Thanksgiving Toots!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Angel!! Even though we've only met online, you are one of those awesome ladies that I truly look up to. You are brace, strong, and although life sometimes kicks you, you dust yourself off and keep going. You are an outstanding example of a liberty loving American, and a great mom to the cute chicks. Thank you for commiserating when it's been needed, cheering me up, and laughing with me.

Thanks for sharing your cornbread dressing recipe, since you first posted it, I've been making it, and my family requests it. Totally a keeper!

I hope your holiday is filled with joy, laughter, and love. Thank you for sharing yourself with those of us on the internet.


Anonymous said...

Should read brave not brace. Autocorrect is an asshole.


Anonymous said...

what is your Easter egg hunt like?


Stretch said...

"As God as my witness..."