Monday, November 7, 2016

Depends on the outcome

Secession may be our best move. Frankly, it depends on the reaction to tomorrow's "outcome" (I believe Hillary was chosen in 2008 when she stepped down for Obama, there was never really an "election", just theater for the masses). If Patriots are willing to fight for their country from coast to coast, we're in. If they're willing to succumb without a fight, and the survival of Texas depends on separating from a diseased and dying body, then it would be in our best interest to secede. 

And I know there are those who will argue we can't survive without the United States. Here's a few sobering statistics on where we'd stand as a sovereign nation:

25% of the nation's oil reserves
33% of the nation's natural gas reserves
95% of the country receives its oil and gas from pipelines that originate in Texas.
Leads nation in production of cattle, sheep, hay, goats, cotton. We ain't going hungry or nekkid.

During the Obama Recession, the Texas economy expanded by 1 million jobs, more than all the other states combined. Which is why so many whiny Democrats run here after ruining their states' economies.
Home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other state
13th highest GDP in the world (as a nation)

The only state with its own power grid.
Covers most of the state and is fully state controlled.
DC can't turn out our lights.

In terms of formal military, we're no match for Uncle Sam's fire power, but we ain't harmless either.
Texas State Guard, answers only to the Governor.
Texas National Guard, Air Guard, and the Legendary Texas Rangers (One Riot, One Ranger).
Two of the nation's largest military bases lie within our borders. Fort Hood and Fort Bliss contain massive amounts of armament and soldiers who may be more like us than they are like Hillary.
And we're not even going to mention the armed private citizens.

We've done it before, twice. Once to become a sovereign nation, and once to join the Confederacy. And before you throw the loss of the War of Northern Aggression at us, stop. We didn't lose that war. Not one square foot of Texas was ever under Northern control, and we were still fighting months after Lee surrendered at Appomattox. Some of us, more than a century later, still don't recognize that defeat. We love Texas and we love a good fight. That's something to keep in mind.

So keep Davy Crockett's immortal words in mind after tomorrow night:

"You may all go to Hell and I will go to Texas."


Anonymous said...

With all the weirdos and lefties in Houston do you think the rest of the voters would be enough to vite for succession?


Anonymous said...

I'll be there day after tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

if indeed that does happen you can bet i'm moving to texas!

Anonymous said...

Will we take what we brought to the Union. The original Land of the Republic of Texas?

Kevin Strawbridge Texas

hiswiserangel said...

You mean the 1836 map with eastern NM and southeast Colorado?

A Texan said...

"And we're not even going to mention the armed private citizens."
Well, why not? I remember reading at the time of the Waco massacre (kind of on topic for today, what with the original Wookie kicking the bucket) that there were 50 million guns in Texas. Let's just say that said number is both dated and low.

We have plenty of food, plenty of fuel (enough to export LOTS and make loads of money with it) and a great infrastructure, auto plants, high-tech, a vibrant defense industry...and the means to defend it ALL.

The Republic of Texas. That has a nice ring to it, should the nasty, corrupt, old hag win.

JFM said...

Not the only state with its own power grid. The last two states to join have their own grids. Hawaii can probably feed itself, but we in Alaska need food from Outside.

rick c said...

Ist paragraph says it all. If you're worried about Austin, Houston, or Dallas................We've got them surrounded.

JPD said...

No worries...the metroplex is with you. Now Austin...that's another story.

drjim said...

Hawaii could only grow enough to feed something like 20% of the current population.

If they ever got cut off from the rest of the world, there'd be a massive die-off.

Paulie said...

Can I come down there? Any room for me somewhere on the coast?

Anonymous said...

count me in....or out rather.....

vaquero viejo

Larry Thomson said...

Any chance you will be accepting immigrants from Canada?

Larry said...

The Pantex plant in Amarillo where nuclear warheads are assembled. I read somewhere that 14,000 plutonium cores were in storage there. I've no idea if that's accurate or not, though. However, if they had to nuke it to keep it out of anyone else's hands, surely they would. And it would be the right call, too, sad to say. You can only mess around with nukes if you're a totalitarian state like Iran or North Korea.

Anonymous said...

day you Texans get your act together

be the day after the earth got destroyed

dare to prove me wrong?


The Old Man said...

Hey Wildflower - only reply is *snicker*; come back when y'all grow up. Now I must say I sent that graphic to some like-minded friends. My son is a Texian-by-choice and an American-by-birth. I'm an old fart vet with libertarian leanings. We both have CCWs.
So "wildflower" - care to prove us wrong?

Anonymous said...

maybe you need to be conquered and enslaved

because you Texans are still chained to the federalees

now you can squat and do nothing as usual

that is your free choice

poor dumbasses!


Anonymous said...

You forgot navy. Texas is the only state with its own naval power.

The Hessian

Anonymous said...

Navy veteran willing to come down and help get the Texas Navy up and running.