Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Let's play "Spot the Triggered Snowflake"

Hint: The horse's name is NOT Snowflake.


J Bogan said...

Heh. "Triggered" I see what you did there....

Anonymous said...

horse must be amazed at the talking jackass


Sarthurk said...

Hey you should know I'm weird to. But you don't know me. NAILED IT!
I'm an asshole (my understanding is that if I defend my opinion, I'm an asshole) too.
I'm a marine biologist that understands reality.
I play shitty Blues guitar, gotten better since I got hearing aids....D'oh! What?
I just talked to a person who wants to get her concealed permit again, and I'm takin' her and her husband to the range. Looks like some basic shit needs to be gone through first. ALWAYS!
The guitar and I are going to have a conversation. Pardon me. Maybe some SRV.


Anonymous said...

I have a grey horse that resembles that one...when he gets "that look" he is ready to get the hell outta Dodge....note the tite left rein...ol blue has had about enough of that naked ape female.....

vaquero viejo