Friday, November 4, 2016

What's in your library?


Unclezip said...

Huh. A cursory look gives me Toland's Adolf Hitler, Boole's The Laws of Thought, and Walton's The Compleat Angler. Oh, and The Art of Computer Programming, vols 1,2, and 3, the must read PEMBOK and the Zombie Survival Guide. I guess I got it covered.

We shan't mention the stack of Playboy mags in the back of the closet...

J Bogan said...

Those are words of absolute truth. Used bookstores are one of my favorite places on earth.

Anonymous said...

Amen! The older the book the better, as revisions and abridgements by modern day historians distort the truth. I'm currently readings The Kennedy's At War and plan to read A History of The English Speaking Peoples once the snow flies.


Anonymous said...

Good fiction: Dickens, Conrad, Wilkie Collins, Christopher Morley, Melville, Lewis, Fitzgerald, Faulkner, Hemingway, Steinbeck etc. Leon Uris. Edward Abbey.

Some sci-fi.

History: Will and Ariel Durant "Story of Civilization" in 11 volumes, Wells "Outline of History", Churchill (damn near everything), Bronowski, Toynbee, Clark etc. Bernard DeVoto. Sir James Fraser.

Biography/autobiography/memoirs: Jefferson, Franklin, Patton, Eisenhower, Truman, MacArthur, Twain, Somerset Maugham.
Stephen Ambrose on WWII.
Biographies by William Manchester, especially "The Last Lion" on Churchill, are outstanding.(I can't recommend his early fiction.)

Ambrose Bierce
Hunter S. Thompson. (RIP, Dr. Thompson)

And a huge pile of other books cluttering up the place...

Thanks for asking!


Angel eyes said...

Mary Shelly's Frankenstein
The Plague
Bullet Park
The Voyage of the Beagle
Complete Tales and Poems of Poe.
These I am (con) currently reading. There are a few more laying around but I don't have a library because I have a huge Bookworm store two blocks away!