Wednesday, June 1, 2016

God help me, what have I done?

That moment you realize that the last time you were in school, the Macintosh had just been introduced, email was a BIG thing, the internet was in it's infancy, and there was no such thing as "social media". I WROTE MY THESIS LONGHAND before using the word processor because I was more comfortable with write and erase than cut and paste. Cell phones were around $1000 a piece and roughly the size of a large squirrel.

I've started a new elective class, an advanced placement Project Management for Technical Writers, and downloaded all the new jazzy programs I need to learn how to use yesterday for the first assignment that's due Friday. The final project is due June 29, and the final exam is due June 30. I'm too old for this shit. I'll be in the corner, rocking and weeping.


emtgene said...

LOL, you young'uns. When I came out of school we had just been introduced to the IBM Selectric typewriter (Google it). Telephones were black and wired into the wall, tv's were still mostly black and white, and America was putting men on the moon with less computing power than most wrist-watches have these days. You're young and smart, you do just fine.

Anonymous said...

Betting on YOU , Wise Angel One!

vaquero viejo

Unclezip said...

Cell phones? Wow, I really am old. BTW - wait until you dive into the deep end of PMBOK.

gun monkey said...

From one adult student to another, time management is super important, follow the instructions, use the rubric, write drunk, and edit sober. You got this.

Sedition said...

I'm 51 years old and last week I earned my Microsoft MTA Security Fundamentals AND my CompTIA Security+ certifications within 17 hours of each other. Last year it was the MTA Networking Fundamentals and the CompTIA Networking + certifications.

You CAN do just takes a little bit to get back into the swing of things.

ps. My high school didn't even get a computer class until I was a Senior...too late for me to get my feet wet there.
You got this.

Anonymous said...

It will work out. My wife once knew an anthropology proffessor who couldn't figure out how to use4 the school phone system. When I graduated high school, there was no computers in the school, not even in the office.

You'll end up doing well.

Anonymous said...

you misspelled da last word.

Chris said...

I'm still trying to get my head around the internet being in existence when you were in school. That oficially makes you a youngster, Angel! We had the Apple II by my Junior year, I had a Commodore Vic20 at home ( 1 of 2 kids in a school of 800+ with a computer), cell phones were satellite phones that only the very rich had, and the internet was still about 10 years in the future. When the internet became available I had served 10 years in the Army and was going to college for the first time for Civil Engineering Technology. Now here I am 20 years after getting my Associates, working to finish up my Bachelor's at 49. IT CAN BE DONE!!

Dink Newcomb said...

This is sorta cool for an OLD fart because you finally get some benefits (bragging about how old you are) from getting progressively decrepit! I think I can top y'all (so far) until some rogue Big Band era spoilsport comes along.
I graduated several months before the "First crewed space mission over seven days long" but that might be misleading about attending school because shortly thereafter I matriculated at The SE Asia Campus of the School of Hard Knocks-- what an education I got and there was not a "safe space" ANYWHERE on campus. Tough way to learn but the lessons stuck with me and made me a better man as I applied them. Didn't care to go back for post grad though.