Friday, January 24, 2014

A really great day

So, the girls had the day off from school for the County Ag Show, chickens and goats and sheep and pigs and steers, oh my. Teen Queen has shown pigs the last few years (see the story about how Miss Porki almost killed me); but she opted out this year. Doesn't mean we didn't have to go watch and cheer on her classmates. We spent the morning  down at the Ag barn until my allergies drove us out.

Home, lunch, change of clothes and off to grandma and Poppy's for the rest of the afternoon and a surprise for TQ. I have a very good friend back home who's been a horsewoman for a very, very, very long (sorry Mary) time and has always invited TQ to come out and ride her horse. This is HEAVEN for the Princess of All Things Equine, so I bundled her off to the university's Equestrian Center were we met Dan, her new bestest friend.

Dear God, that horse is huge! And beautiful! And very spirited. My heart sank. There was no way TQ was going to be able to ride him. Mary offered to ride first, put him through his paces and tire him out. We watched from the railing as she walked, cantered, trotted and finally galloped, putting Dan through his paces. He was magnificent, and did I mention Mary is an excellent horsewoman?
I was still skeptical, but TQ wasn't leaving without a ride. 

His halter was removed and a leading rope added. While Mary was doing this, TQ and Dan were getting acquainted. She was talking softly to him, stroking his nose, and I think plotting. I looked over just as this huge horse head booped my baby. I don't know if y'all know what a head boob is, but it's a very soft sweet headbutt. Mary was grinning. Dan was led to a 3-step stool, and while I was trying to figure out how to get her up there, my little equestrian bounded up the steps and put her foot in the stirrup. Up and over and seated while I was still debating. Now comes the fun part.

The arena had just gotten a new 9-inch layer of very very soft sand. We walked on either side of TQ, Mary holding the lead rope and me reminding TQ of her verbal commands. One tongue click for go, whoa for stop, and a shushing for reverse (yeah, she had old Dan moonwalking at one point). The funny thing is, she can't tongue click; so she'd lean forward and say, "Click" and off he'd go. We walked around the arena for 45-minutes until my butt and thighs were burning. Best workout ever. Especially when you get to see this look on your baby's face. 

Sorry about the fuzziness, I was using my camera phone. So there you have it. Why I didn't post squat today. And I'm not at all repentant. 




Jess said...

All I can say is that you are a great Mom.

Keads said...

VERY nice!

stevierayv said...

Good for you everybody deserves a great snafu free day.I like it.

North Texan said...

Looks like a happy young lady. Jess is right. You are a great mom.

Wind River Ranger said...

Life is indeed good.

RabidAlien said...

Got to watch that same grin on our kiddo last year. Twice. Once when she shot a .22 for the first time, and once when she finally got to ride a horse (rope-lead) for the first time. Yep. That grin makes up for a very large multitude of sins.

Leigh said...

Sounds like you had a LOT better things to do than be our dancing, online, monkey.
Good for you!
Nice to enjoy a day, isn't it?

Whitehall, NY

Learning to Golf said...

Manure, flies, and then fresh air are more important than posting sometimes. TQ may never remember you post on a blog, but she will never forget Dan.

Yep, moms are memory makers! Sounds like a perfect day.