Friday, January 31, 2014

Bitch, please...

I wouldn't have lasted that long. 
I'd have either decked her or 
drove off in a cloud of diesel smoke.


Keads said...

Nah, I would have smoked the tires!

Robert Fowler said...

Shoot the liberal prius driving bitch in the face and drive off.

Volfram said...

1: don't tell the idiot woman what you do for a job.

2: as soon as she TOUCHES the car, shout "DO NOT TOUCH MY CAR WOMAN! GET AWAY FROM MY VEHICLE!"

At worst, she lays a finger on you or your family and you can turn her inside-out in self-defense.

Anonymous said...

I think he should have been rev'ing the truck.

Anonymous said...

Cigar Time!!!


Anonymous said...

Yep. Revving the truck so she couldn't be heard.

wirecutter said...

I'd have calmly put the truck in gear and idled away - right next to her Obamobile where I would've parked upwind and revved it up, blowing diesel exhaust all over her.
Oh yeah, let's not forget to crank up some Hank III while I was doing it.

skybill said...

Hi Angel,
She'sjust another LIOV (Low Information Obummer Voter)!! The scary part is there are gazillions of them out there that are just like her, vote for the dems, anti-gun (here's the scary part) AND THEY REPRODUCE!!!!!