Tuesday, December 27, 2016

All of us women with "great personalities"

It doesn't matter if your layers are lop-sided 
and your frosting is a mess, 
you know in your heart if they'd just take a bite, 
they'd know how delicious you are. 
Rock on with your messy frosting and unravel the universe!


KnottaRobot said...

Are you sure you want to go down the personality road? j/k

Chris said...

My wife occasionally watches cooking competition shows. Not sure why, she doesn't cook, I do. But my comment nearly every time (mainly to tick her off with the repetition) is, "Who cares what it looks like? Does it taste good?"

We went out Christmas Eve with our daughter and her significant other to a high-rated, relatively new restaurant. One of the prie fixe options was roast suckling pig, which the S.O. and I ordered. It looked suspiciously like pulled pork without any sauce. Good presentation on a bed of polenta with some green stuff next to it. No. Taste. At. All.

I mean, I could tell it was pork, because it didn't taste like chicken. But other than that, nada. No distinctive flavor. The other courses were pretty good, but this was a disappointment as the main course.

Again, Does it taste good? Anything else is optional

Anonymous said...

cakes, cookies, pies,guns,pickups, horses,dogs,...women... the wise (experienced)man asks "how does it "taste"?

vaquero viejo

Anonymous said...

But beware the soggy bottom.