Saturday, December 17, 2016

Wirecutter's in the Blogging Naughty Corner

Martin from Germany alerted me that wirecutter's blog is down; then several hundred more of his acolytes contacted me to see who he pissed off this time.

From his own mouth, he fucked up. He installed an update from Jetpack and then KABOOM!!!! He can't even access his dashboard to uninstall the update and reset. Wirecutter, acknowledging his lack of computer skills, has contacted both Wordpress and Jetpack to see if they can fix it.

Check back tomorrow. If it's fixed, YAY! If not, he'll go back to his old blogging site and play there until he gets it figured out. For now, I leave you with this cartoon rendition of a conversation between wirecutter and me.


Granny said...

Thanks Angel, I freaked when the message came up that "Houston we have a problem."
A day without Wirecutter is a dismal prospect.
Merry Christmas to you, the Teen Queens and of course the Mighty Max.

Anonymous said...

If Wirecutter's site is still down on Monday will you do the Monday MILF thread?

Come on us horny old men need some stimulant too!

Alexander said...

Thanks for the Knuckledraggin update. crazy how we run to you when we can't find him.

Anonymous said...

OK Wise Angel, what's going on at Mausers & Muffins?


Aaron de Bruyn said...

I deal with the nightmare what is WordPress for a living. If he needs free help, tell him to get in touch with me. I'm happy to do it.


Ogrrre said...

Angel, are you the character on the right in this cartoon? Inquiring minds want to know.

hiswiserangel said...

What do you think?

wirecutter said...

Yeah, it was down for a few hours and then one of my readers rode to the rescue.
It was scary, even on my dashboard I was getting the same error message y'all were getting which meant that I couldn't even un-do my fuck-up.
All I have to say is thank y'all for your patience, thank you Angel for passing on the message without fucking with me too much and thank you to HB who showed me how to sneak through the back door to fix it.

Anonymous said...

we now return you to your regularly scheduled universe.....

vaquero viejo

Steve Ronin said...

Mausers & Muffins AKA Home on the Range has become a private, by invitation only blog. This is due to Libtards doing a raging comment troll attack.
Tens of thousands of mindless spewings within a few hours. :(

If you want an invitation, you'll need to locate one of the author's OTHER blogs for a contact email address.
Offerings of bacon lend success, so I'm told.

Anonymous said...

To Steve Ronin
Thanks. I tried to open a saved link to her English Muffin Bread (yes Angel, we do use recipes) and found the message. Never visited any of her other blogs so I am in the dark.