Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Good Girl, Bad Girl

Truly one of the most embarrassing pieces of equipment in the gym. Especially if you've just recently eaten fart-inducing food.

  • Do NOT make eye contact with anyone in the gym while doing this.
  • Make sure your pants are hole-free in the crotch and/or wear underpants. 


Cederq said...

And you are experienced in the hole in the crotch/no panty paradigm?

Adam Selene said...

Yes, good girls bad girls, but which is which.

Ian Restil said...

Indeed. Is the good girl on the abductor machine and the bad girl on the adductor, or the opposite?

(My captcha word was IdHum. Good girl or bad?)

Volfram said...

Based on the picture, they're both the same girl.

Who is also hot.

davidc said...

I like it when the girl wears short gym shorts !