Monday, December 5, 2016

Blessings of Family and Tribe

The Rowe Family has reached their goal, and I know a lot of you and wirecutter's readers extended your help and prayers. I want to tell you how proud and grateful I am to have such a wonderful group of friends. I've always considered us to be Tribe.

Joshua, Patriot Extraordinaire that he was, understood thoroughly the concept of Tribe. He instinctively understood the bonds that form between people of like minds and spirits; the men in the Patriot community who talked with him on Facebook or through emails saw it in him, as he did in them. Tribe.

We come together when one of us is in trouble, in pain. We lift up and support each other in good times and bad. We are Tribe, and it's this bond, this throwback to community spirit of times gone by, that drew me to the Patriot movement. Not just the ideological parallels, but the way each man and woman lives with principle and honor. They way we care for each other. The way we come together.
Some have taken advantage of this good nature; that's fine, they were exposed and dealt with. But for the most part, Patriots are as reluctant to ask for help as they are eager to offer it. When a True Patriot breaks down and asks, you know their backs are to the wall; and 99% of the time, they only ask if they have loved ones depending on them. They are also some of the first to offer aid whenever they're able.

My wish for each of you is the Blessings of Family and Tribe; may you always have a soft place to land, and warm heart to hold you, and strong arms to lift you up.


pigpen51 said...

I have learned this same lesson here in my small community. Those of us who are living frugally, are the very ones who tend to take care of each other. We are the ones who step up when we hear about the single mom of 4 kids who escapes an abuser, who needs food. It is not the wealthy ones, or the people who only care about themselves, but it is as Angel says, those of us with the Tribe mindset. We have become a small community unto ourselves. We buy and sell used items on craigslist to each other, and know each other by name. We tell each other about a sale on things that we don't need, but we know that someone else can use. It is nothing that was organized, it just happened slowly, over time, and sometimes people come in and people leave the circle. Blessings flow both ways, Angel. Thanks for sharing this with all of us.

Anonymous said...

wise words from Wise Angel One...again....

vaquero viejo