Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tomorrow is laundry day

Laundry was one of my chores growing up.
I absolutely gagged when it came to my brother's tube socks.
They were so stiff they could stand up. 
Mom told me it was because he had "athlete's foot".


Hawken Cougar said...

High performance itching powder applied liberally to socks tossed randomly on the floor in his room might well have cured his disease.

RHT447 said...

Brings back fond memories of Basic Training. Our Puerto Rican Drill Sergeant would holler at us to "Get Chore Cheets togeder!"

Anonymous said...

I don't usually wash, but I am the "go to" folder and "put er upper"....

vaquero viejo

pigpen51 said...

Not being chauvinistic, but laundry is the one job in the house that I am excused from. I help with everything else, do most of the cooking, keep the vans gassed up, do the yardwork, etc. But it only takes a man one time to make sure he is never asked to do laundry again.

Anonymous said...

by the time socks are that bad

time to buy new ones while the old get barrel burned

safer than washing them


JeremyR said...

One place I was at the tenant told me her husband was not allowed to do laundry. He did once and used an entire bottle of detergent on one load.
I stunned her by replying that I wish I'd have thought of that.