Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Because, fuck Jihad

I acknowledge that there are self-identifying "moderate Muslims" who will probably never personally kill an infidel. But surely, they would denounce the violence in France and elsewhere by followers of The Religion of Pieces who get butthurt over some cartoons and personal opinions. I've searched high and low, and haven't found any Muslims, big or small, calling out these animals and demanding their Muslim communities turn them over to French authorities. Pretty much silence from the Muslim community. 

Now I know there's always the excuse offered that moderate Muslims wouldn't dare call out or challenge radicals for fear of being targeted. You really need to question your religious beliefs when you're too afraid to speak out against actions taken in the name of your Prophet. You've got to wonder what would have happened in the Spanish Inquisition if some of the leaders said, "Hold on, don't you think this is a bit extreme? Is this really what God wants?" If you're too afraid of your fellow believers to speak out against violence, then you may need a new religion.

And now we've got a bunch of our own idiots condemning  Charlie Hebdo in their own massacre. Kind of a "you were asking for it" philosophy from people who enthusiastically defend selected victim classes. I guess in this case, satirical cartoons about Mohammed are "hate speech" and Muslims are the victims. Hey, DC, you either believe in the right to Freedom of Speech or you don't; I don't see you condemning Atheist comedians who pillory Christianity. Let's try to restore and protect rights, and condemn those who seek to strip them.


Corey 1 said...

I have a buddy who is retired SF he says the only place a muslim should be seen is in a museum stuffed and on display.

J Bogan said...

I was thinking today, the Muslim problem will not be "solved" until the "moderate " muslims feel the pain. I hope France finds their balls, and just exports ALL the muslims. Wall to wall.
And to the PC dolts in DC(and New York, And Hollyweird....) The Constitution is not a suicide pact. It is time that the so called Leaders here started standing up for American values. Like it or not, America is a predominately Christian nation. I am tired of bending over backwards to "accomodate" foreign nationals whose goal in life is to exterminate America. Get with the program DC, you are becoming irrelevant.
Jesse in DC

VonZorch said...

"I don't see you condemning Atheist comedians who pillory Christianity."
Well of course you don't, the Christians don't murder you for making fun of them any more, mostly.