Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Go home, solar system, you're drunk.

So this is how we orbit. No wonder I have vertigo.

IRISH has the full video HERE


Anonymous said...

Maybe you were driving.

Unnamed person,

Anonymous said...

Now THAT would be a cool screen saver if it stayed on a seamless course...and I stayed sober.


IRISH said...

I went to the site and found the video



Volfram said...

All I learned from that video is that the Sun runs on Spiral Power.

All the better to pierce the heavens.

(It's shameful that nobody here except me gets that reference...)

Leigh said...

People of Earth, Volfram?
The other possibility is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - but I doubt you're an anime fan, or are you?
Yeah, I used Google-fu for my answers - I'm not that enlightened, or watch anime. Although my brother probably knows the whole story line of TTGL. He's the Alpha Geek in the family.

Whitehall, NY

Volfram said...

I'm not sure whether to give Leigh points for Google-Fu or deduct points for assuming someone who regularly pesters people to watch anime isn't an anime fan. And also having to resort to Google-Fu.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is a series about how a kid known only for how good he was at digging holes in the dirt never believed in himself until there was nobody left to believe in him. Then he realized what everyone else saw the whole time and stabbed a thousand-year-old tyrant to death with his car keys.

And THEN it gets even more awesome.

Anonymous said...

Along with this vortex the sun powers into. It also osculates in a rough sign wave motion within the milky way galaxy. As it orbits the center of the galaxy.

Leigh said...

My apologies, Volfram. I don't ever seem to recall you expounding the virtues of anime. I probably wasn't paying enough attention, or didn't "get" what was being referenced.

I haven't seen much in the way of anime since G-Force first came out. Dated myself a tad bit there, didn't I? I also recall watching Voltron, and RoboTech, back in the day. No cable, and no internet when I was a kid - so if it wasn't on a network station, I didn't get to watch it.

In my defense, I was forth coming with my lack of knowledge and the reliance of the crutch that is Google. So I would think that I get 2 points, for mentioning TTGL and my search prowess. Then lose one for not paying enough attention.
Fair enough?

Whitehall, NY

Volfram said...

Hmm. +2 points, -1. Sounds fair.

Mostly I've recommended a series called (in English) "The Pet Girl of Sakurasou," which is an utter masterpiece.

If you're interested and don't mind reading subtitles(there's no English audio version, but given the quality of the last 3 dubs I've heard from Sentai Filmworks that may be a good thing), it can be viewed, for froee, here.

Gurren Lagann can be viewed here. It actually does have an English dub, but apparently not on Crunchyroll.