Monday, January 5, 2015

That kid who always blows the grading curve


Angel eyes said...

True genius never knows it, never acknowledges, isn't aware of their gift. They typically have low self esteem because they get called crazy a lot and have a difficult time being accepted. Things which confound we mortals come easily to them, but their accomplishments, however extraordinary are not good enough for them. There be no box, no rules, no constraints. They are typically dysfunctional in the mainstream of society and usually don't make much money. Today's docs would probably find and alphabet mental illness term. F-em.
I was raised by one, and I'm raising one.

Volfram said...

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of my two most inspirational historical figures.

The other is Nikola Tesla.

Imagine what they could have done together.

Richard H said...

I am dumbfounded by the exactitude of Angel Eye's succinct discourse. Very insightful.

Wait...I reckon there is one nit. There exists that permanent dissatisfaction which follows in the aftermath of even one's best efforts. If managed correctly, it is not quite a neurosis which dictates that unfailing pursuit for perfection.

Richard H said...

To the obverse, there is that breed of men who achieve success simply because they continue to plod toward the prize. Robert W. Service wrote of such men although more oft he wrote of the brilliant yet ephemeral efforts of sullen men. This life is not fit for too deep thought nor too often. While I have hoped for that simple life I believe I'd die if not for a rambunctious mind.

I'm sorry for monopolizing your blog if only briefly. My excuse is this is a subject of which I have a keen interest.

davidc said...

Well said, all of the above !