Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Which begs the question

do otters jack off like monkeys? Look at that smile on his face.


Keith Pearson said...

Is that like a glory hole you can see who's on the other side? Seriously, those otters are playful little buggers. In Alaska, they'd see the boat coming and head in our direction. Start playing like crazy, doing a backstroke, wrasslin in the water, was fun to watch.

JeremyR said...

A recently divorced mother moved to an upscale neighborhood and was having a house warming party.
Her young son kept interrupting the gathering, and was making a serious nuisance of himself. Each time, mom would gently scold him and remind him of his manners, all to no avail.
Finally an elderly gent in a Aproached her and offered to help. The frustrated mom silently agreed. Junior and the gent disappeared in the direction of his room, and in a few minutes the man was back. The boy however did not reappear, and after what seemed like hours, mom approached the fellow and asked him point blank, "What did you do? Hog tie him, or kill him?"
The man replied, "Oh, nothing of the sort, I taught him to masturbate."