Friday, January 9, 2015

Your weekend philosophy

I really missed out on my wild years. 
From 14 (puberty) to 20, I was clueless. 
From 20-24, I was uber-student and faithful fiance' to my first ever boyfriend who cheated on me and dumped my dumb ass. 
From 24-26, I was building a career and sworn off men. 
From 26 on to present, I was faithfully married uber-mom.

I want my youth back.


Wraith said...

As someone who lived those wild years, I can tell you that they aren't worth the cost to mind, body and/or soul. I'd take mine back if I could.

a_random_guy said...

Lots of us had similar youths. I'm not so sure we missed anything important. Anyhow, I recommend the philosophy "growing older is required, growing up is optional" - which you seem to be following just fine...

drjim said...

Sorry, one to a customer!