Friday, July 29, 2016

BFF update

My BFF's surgery was moved back to 11 am on Wednesday, meaning she didn't get out of surgery until around 3 pm. By 6 pm, it was obvious she was having trouble, low BP and not being able to come out of sedation, so they moved her to ICU for monitoring.

We've been on pins and needles, bribing her, threatening her, lying to her "Wake up! Keith Urban's here!", but she didn't start coming around until late yesterday evening. Opened her eyes while they were bathing her and was able to blink. This is such a small, small step, but it's in the right direction.

So a little more awake today, BP is stable, and she's communicating with blinks. I don't know when the tubes are coming out so she can talk. Hopefully soon, I know that shit is miserable. The labs are both good and bad, prognosis good, and well, we'll have to see.

The tumor was in the language area, but up against the medulla, affecting her balance, coordination and equilibrium. If either of those things are adversely affected, especially her language, understanding and speaking, and reading, her life is going to be rough. But she'll always be my big sister, my BFF.

So continued prayers, if you will, I so wish I could be in Little Rock with her.

And this is why none of you will ever get to talk to her.


Irish said...

I hope everything works out for the best.

Wind River Ranger said...


Anonymous said...

More prayers for her recovery.

Lisa Lane said...

Still praying honey...if you need an ear...I am here.

Anonymous said...

such damage may require relearning old skills

it will take time

best hopes for her future


Robert Fowler said...

Prayers from both of us.

Andrew said...

This may sound stupid but it works as a fix for speech disorders.

Find a tv or radio show that she talks at or yells at. It is very good speech therapy. She'll get agitated, want to say something, it will come out badly or wrong, but she'll hear herself and self-correct.

My wife had a deep brain aneurism, affecting her speech center and giving her aphasia. Speech therapists sucked. Yelling at "Cops" and "Chopped" worked much better.

And if she has some hand coordination issues, get some rubber sleeves from her occupational therapist to put around her utensils and pens. It helps.

Having friends like you support her is the best thing. Laugh with her, cry with her. Friends like you are one in a million.

Anonymous said...

you ARE with her.....and prayers continued here.....

vaquero viejo

Dick said...

I'm sorry to hear about your good friend. I will pray for her quick healing and for your hurt heart.

pigpen51 said...

Your friend will never be out of my prayers. I have not been the kind who uses a list, but that has changed, and you and she are going to the very top. Rest assured that your beautiful daughters also have a place as well.
Ken and Miss Lisa and all of the internet friends that I have made over the years are also included as I sense a growing need for prayers for our Patriot community. I am sure that we all have daily struggles and many sense the problems our nation is facing, and so I hope we can all join together, those of faith, and pray for our nation, and for each other. I believe that it makes a difference. And I am not one of those who say, I will pray for you, flippantly. I really will.

Chickenmom said...

Praying for a complete recovery for your BFF. And for you for giving her strength.