Thursday, July 28, 2016

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First, the Democrats took over the Women's Lib movement; not so much because they care about women, but more as a way of destroying the American family and destablizing minority communities. Once that was accomplished, to further their agenda, they abandoned women in favor of the LGBTQ community. Libbers, in a bid to remain relevant, backed the LGBTQ movement in an "us too!" sort of desperate bid for the Democrats' attention. Now that the Dems have pushed that agenda as far as possible with the legalization of gay marriage, LGBTQ has joined the Libbers behind Muslims, the new Darlings of the Democratic Party. And like the Libbers before them, you'll find the Rainbow protesters holding anti-Islamophobia signs in a desperate attempt to stay in the spotlight.

So, stay with me, I've got a point here. The Muslims DETEST the LGBTQers, and they're not real big on Women's Rights either. Let's face it, you just don't see a lot of Muslims holding anti-homophobia signs chanting "They're here, they're queer, get used to it!" And now the party that's proudly pushing the Islamic agenda here and abroad has nominated not just a WOMAN, but a woman with purported LESBIAN leanings. The Democrats, Champions of Islam who hate gays and not real fond of women, have chosen a likely Lesbian ball-buster to lead them to the White House.

Folks, this is going to get interesting.


Anonymous said...

It's ok the muslims are just using the democrats as well. Look at Huma, besides being Hillary's chief of staff and rumoured to be her lover, she's also the daughter of 2 founding members of the muslim brotherhood.


a_random_guy said...

It's currently 14:20 Eastern time, on July 28th 2016. At this moment, I can go to Twitter and see the tweets by Hillary and by Obama. However, tweets by both Donald Trump and his son are unreachable. "Something is technically wrong" says the message.

Twitter, of course, would never play favorites...would they?

hiswiserangel said...

Oh no, surely not.

Anonymous said...

She made a deal with the muzzies and they promised not to kill her...until last.

Anonymous said...

Huma is just plain creepy.

Anonymous said...

And let's not forget: she married to a Jew (who likes to send d!ck pics to teenagers).
Wouldn't the daughter of the KKK founders marrying a black man raise some eyebrows?

BW Bandy said...

The Democrats are a coalition of the fringes that could only hold together for so long. There are too many competing self-interest groups. Even though I do not think Trump is conservative he has a no holds barred, streetfighting, take-no-prisoners approach. His attacks are having an effect. Hillary expects the job to be handed to her, after all, it is her turn. Trump wants the job and is willing to fight on multiple levels to get it. The debates will be entertaining.

Anonymous said...

everybody using others to achieve the means

"strange bedfellows" is another term

RNC or DNC use "useful idiots" then discard them

so what is new about this?


JeremyR said...

And now the party that's proudly pushing the Islamic agenda here and abroad has nominated not just a WOMAN, but a woman with purported LESBIAN leanings and a mooslime girlfriend.
Got ammo?

James N Q said...

I still remember her saying how "Margaret Sanger was such a hero to her"! The woman who created Eugenics for the control of the coloreds!
How can the Dems, especially this bitch, keep the black vote?????
Stupid is as stupid does!

Anonymous said...

People like this always seem to find each other...

- Charlie