Thursday, July 14, 2016

Plan ahead


RTinWeimar said...

That of course would be the handicap stall. Where in some parts of Kalifornia, you may be fined for using without a handicap placard.

Brothers said...

I travel a lot for work and have been yelled at for using the handicap stall upon exit. The others were full, it's not like parking. I told the jackass to call the cops, get them to write me a a shitter ticket. He was still bitchin' while I washed my hands and went out the door.

Also, I was on Ridge Road at the Horton's in Buffalo, NY in the winter and had the coffee gotta go and stopped to use the facilities. I stop at the drive thru quite often as it's near my destination. As I was leaving the joint, the waitress declares, "the restrooms are for customers only!" Quite loudly. I replied just slightly louder, "I pretty tough taking a shit in the drive thru!" Giggles abound, life is good.
Have a good night.

Rich said...

Why punish the people that have a handicap by putting the TP so far away?
Or was it a case of "the RULES SAY it has to be on the dividing wall" instead of a practical place near the commode?

PoppaGary said...

It is almost the same way with how high the TP dispenser is from the floor. I was once informed by a construction crew that they are placed there per ADA regs. Seemed to me to be too low and\or your legs were in the way.
I think, as is the case with most regulations, etc, that they are made up by people that do not have any clue as to what is really needed. Probably don't have many actually handicap folks on the committees