Monday, July 18, 2016

There's always an option

Could everybody calm the fuck down?
I posted it for the punchline.
"an arrogant, gross, shifty little man. Or to Trump."
C'mon, you gotta admit that was funny.


J Bogan said...

Sure, vote third party, ensure Hillary wins...Not this time please.

KM said...

Bogan is right on the money.

Let the progressives spend their vote on a 3rd party.

Dan said...

The 'vote for a third party' is what cost Bush the First his reelection and
gave us Slick Willie and Cankles....and their 25 year reign of crime and abuse.

No thanks. The commie demonrats can count on their voter base to ALWAYS vote
for their candidate....even if they ran Lucifer himself in full regalia with
horns, tail and a pitchfork.

Third party candidates ALWAYS draw from the 'rational' (sic) conservative base.
The demonrats would LOVE a third party candidate....that would GUARANTEE a win
for Shrillary.

Jack said...

Would you rather a known politician or a fucking idiot run the country? Who o their right mind would vote for Trump?

1776vtgmb said...

Hey jack, you go turn your guns in and vote for klinton.

Are you stupid, or what?

JJ said...

7am is a little early to be drinking, isn't it Jack?

Vietvet said...

On the next mission, I think Hillary needs to be wearing a red shirt.

Sedition said...

What really cracks me up is remembering when people found out that I was a Libertarian, they always claimed that my not voting for the Republican was a vote for Obama.
Now, with the "Never-Trumpers", they seem more than willing to "throw away their vote" and give a freebee to Hitlary.

The hypocrisy is dripping...and quite tasty.

Richard said...

Well I for one thought it was funny, although I would not call her a shifty little man, but a shitty little troll

c w swanson said...

So Huma is Spock to Hillary's Kirk? Spooky, isn't it?