Saturday, July 30, 2016

I will never again complain


Anonymous said...

This is the only time I've felt the wrong line has been crossed on your site.

I don't know who the original meme maker was but they need to be taken out behind the shed and beat almost to death with a club.

I'm sorry but you should pull this one.


hiswiserangel said...

The original meme maker was a Marine Afghanistan vet. His line of reasoning/dark humor was along the lines of "civilians shouldn't bitch about stepping on Legos when others face much graver dangers".
I stand by the meme, I stand by the headline.

I will never bitch about stepping on a Lego, tiny toy, pebble, sticker, etc.

But thank you for sharing your opinion.

Volfram said...

Frankly, legos are oversold anyway. I consider them a nice foot massage.

Also, Wes needs to go back and re-read what the image said, because he seems to think it says that legos are worse than landmines. I can't think of any other reason it could have possibly offended him.

Unless he really DOES think legos are worse than landmines.

Anonymous said...

That isn't just a land mine. That's an anti-tank mine. Trip that and win an instant audience with the creator.

Anonymous said...

It offended/offends me because I had some friends who lived out the remainder of their lives suffering the aftermath of an up close and personal encounter with a landmine.

Each of us has things that we are sensitive about. I didn't go on a rage and call anyone a bunch of crude names or threaten anyone (well I did threaten a serious ass whuppin) or go ballistic, or say anyone is terrible, I shared that I felt it went too far.

I view this as I would someone making sick jokes or fun of your girls, that would be a line crossed that they couldn't uncross.

I'm sorry if I've ruffled someones feathers, even knowing the source I still feel it crosses a line.

I'll bow out now, have a good day all.


pigpen51 said...

Angel, censors should go fuck themselves. sorry, but if someone is not offended once in awhile, then you aren't doing your job. If people want kitty cats playing they can find that in lots of places. And yes, sometimes things that are the truth hurt our feelings, and may just make us gasp in shock at the horror. George Carlin didn't always play by the rules, but he always made you think. Rant over.

hiswiserangel said...

I got the meme from a disabled vet facebook page. Like most groups who face adversity, they develop a dark sense of humor. Mom's of special needs kids have really twisted senses of humor, it keeps us from going ballistic. We know the difference between dark humor, ignorance, and cruelty. Dark humor, we laugh. Ignorance, we educate. Cruelty, well, most of the time we ignore it because you can't educate cruel people.

This meme was dark humor meant to invoke deeper thought. Not making fun of victims of mines, but bringing to the forefront of thought that there are worse things in the world than stepping on a Lego.

Critter said...

Meh, I thought it was funny.

Seneca III said...

No problem there anyway - the pin's still in.

Anonymous said...

I appreciated the humor and the message...BUT, since my kids/grandkids never planted any mines (to my knowleged) I will retain my God given right to bitch when I step on a lego....and, Wise Angel One, please, please continue to post whatever strikes your fancy (or pisses you off) or makes you laugh...your impeccable judgement is good nuff for me!

vaquero viejo

Volfram said...

Wes needs a safe space.

Volfram said...

Funny or not, the statement the image makes is, undeniably, true. Truth is never offensive.

rick c said...

Dark? Maybe. but still humor. For some of us who have been to the rougher, sadder side of the mountain humor is sometimes what stands between sanity and streaming tears insanity. Post away on YOUR blog whatever your thoughts are, Most of the time we get it. The rest of the time we still know and trust your humanity. Your evil,twisted,raunchy,raucous humanity. Rick

Anonymous said...

True 'dat.
There's first-world-problems and then there's landmine-type-problems.

- Charlie