Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Like father, like son

In response to calls for Donald Trump, Jr. to run for mayor of New York City, Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner (Huma Abedin's hubby) threatened to unpack his man-bulge from retirement and run against him. Something the Left needs to learn, don't mess with the Trumps on Twitter.


BW Bandy said...

Being Canadian I wish we had someone like Trump here. That being said it is great to see someone like the Trumps turning this into a street fight and on the attack. The right has been too complacent.

Anonymous said...

Retirement??!??? Is that what it's called when you get less than 5% of the vote in a Democrat primary in NYC? He's been in a hole since 2013 trying to be Mr Human (Muslim Brotherhood) Abedin.


Anonymous said...

That fucker didn't "retire". He was forced to resign. He was fired.
Lyings sack of shit.