Thursday, July 28, 2016

For when you've "Poked them all"

I think Bill Clinton should have looked into this.
He's not looking too healthy these days.


Anonymous said...

Rumour has it that Billy is HIV+. It's just a rumour so far.


Anonymous said...

You noticed that too huh. Yeah, he seems to have the Trump 'Low Energy' disease, sometimes appears as if he is about to fall asleep on his feet.

The 90's was 20 years ago Bill and that 'intern' may be LGBT - better check under the hood before you commit!

Anonymous said...

His bulbous nose with burst capillaries is a indicator of heart problems (congestive heart failure?). I suspect he had an unreported health scare ("overexertion" on pedo island?) and decided to radically clean up his diet. Macrobiotic? Looks like he dropped 40-60 lbs and his nose isn't bulbous anymore.
Don't hold your breath on that HIV diagnosis.