Monday, July 11, 2016

Never trust a fart


Anonymous said...

I am really horny.

Sedition said...

Your sister fucks better.

loaded4bear said...

I was born male.

loaded4bear said...

Hillary Clinton for President

Guns should be banned

I am a vegan

I refuse to shave

Can we order Dom

My daddy kisses better

loaded4bear said...

My daddy's is bigger

hiswiserangel said...

Geez, loaded, have you had any good first dates?!

Craig said...

What's your name again?

Ogrrre said...

Do farts have lumps?

My last date swallowed.

This is Dutch, right?

No chick flicks, bitch.

Phil said...

Are those tits real?

Coal Fusion said...

You don't sweat much!

Unclezip said...

Make me a sammich.

hiswiserangel said...

Are you a grower?

Fred said...

Are you into anal?

hiswiserangel said...

Fred, are you asking her or is she asking you?

RTinWeimar said...

Your mom is cute.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're a grower.


Fred said...

IDK Angel, I've never asked or been asked on a first date, unfortunately.

pigpen51 said...

Will you marry me?

HeroHog said...

You SURE yer 18?

You on yer period?

Angel eyes said...

Yer breath stinks.

I can't count.

Anonymous said...

It's a cold sore.
You have nice tits.
Ted Bundy was cool.
I am a Scientologist.
I am on unemployment.
You look better drunk.
Tampons are for pussies.
I pay child support.
Pick up the tab.
Let's go to Hooters.
That girl is hot.
It's my ex calling.
Strangulation victims rarely scream.

loaded4bear said...

And the winner is:


Critter said...

I live with Mama.

Volfram said...

I'm voting for Hillary
I support Bernie Sanders
Gender's a social construct
something something wage gap
Feminism stands for equality
Donald Trump is racist
Brexit was a mistake
America was never great
Nobody really needs guns
I'm a vegan, you?

Lisa Lane said...


Mr. Miracle said...

Do you know Angel?

Can you parallel park?

Do you like bacon?

Is your Mom free?

Can you get off?

Are you into raccoons?

Are your hands pink?

Has your wife died?

Is she from Florida?

Can she file suit?

You own a porch?

Did you vote Obama?

I've had a LOT of first (and last) dates.

Jive Talkin Tool said...

So, I have herpes.

Major Wolf said...

i trust sam kerodin