Saturday, July 30, 2016

I have a 14-year-old boy's sense of humor


Anonymous said...

You're lucky you didn't have to put up with his political bullshit in NH.

Anonymous said...

One time hunt had to process an order for a guy whose name showed on file like this: Ennis, Richard P. - He also went by Dick instead of Richard.


Anonymous said...

Then there is the shortwave pirate radio DJ known as Dick
Weed. That would be Mr. Weed to his followers. Found on the 41 meter band. Radio Free Whatever. He is nucking futz.


Sixbears said...

Hey, I kinda liked him in NH. He was fun to watch. Had a nice hat too.

pigpen51 said...

Had a guy in school whose name was Don Hard. He went into the military, where they always call last name first, followed by first name. I never heard from him after school, he was a couple years younger than me, but I bet his hitch was not fun.

Robert Fowler said...

We had a guy show up in the motor pool maintenance section named Richard Head. Very large, muscular guy. Made it plain that his name was not Dick. I always wondered what his parents were like. I bet they were a hoot.

Anonymous said...

when they name you, you can hide it or flaunt it....your choice says a lot about your self esteem,your sense of humor, and your level of "give a shit".....

vaquero viejo

Anonymous said...

Sexual orientation... really ?

- Charlie

Hotel1 said...

Former NH Senator.
Clinton bought him off to be the vote that pushed the AWB over the top.
We were displeased to say the least.
Re-election year bumper stickers.
"See Dick Swett"
Spouse laid low for a couple years and then tried to jump into politics.
Blowback was still hot from hubs shenanigans.
Good times.