Saturday, January 26, 2013

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams

You're welcome.


tripseven said...

I could have sworn you said you weren't going to post such provocative images of what the hell am I suppose do with this chubby after that?!?

Heisenbug said...

You know us too well, Ma'am :-)

hiswiserangel said...

trip, you know very well that's not me, I don't own a Glock. :-)

And yes, Heisenbug, I know y'all very well. And I still love ya.

Anonymous said...

Very informative. And I don't even own a Glock.
In the interest of keeping my weapon clean, I checked around on You Tube and Ashley did another one on cleaning your AR-15. Different outfit (worth the look). Everything was going along fine until she said check her chamber both visually and manually. That is when I lost it.