Saturday, January 19, 2013

Miscellaneous Saturday Night Thoughts

First, krav class. It's a two-hour class once a week. Good and bad. Good, because I don't think I can do this more than once a week. Bad, because there's a LOT going on to process and remember in two hours.
Lesson #1: Don't fucking volunteer to demonstrate. Once they know your name, you're screwed.
Lesson #2: Don't try to prevent your ginormous ass from hitting the ground. Your butt is better padded than your wrist.
Lesson #3: You talk a couple of women into staying and learning how to kick a man in the balls without cringing and apologizing, you get a free lunch.
Lesson #4: I freaking love this move:

Second, looking back at my three Whew! posts has taught me something about the people who visit my blog. Whew! #1 has 189 hits, Whew! #2 has 211 hits, Whew #3 has 36 hits. What in the world could cause such a discrepancy in hits between such similar posts? Hmmmm? Anyone? I did take a sports bra pic last night, but had been advised that what I saw as a "Brandy Chastain Celebratory Sports Bra" shot, others would see in an, um, "different" light. Naw, thought I, sweet innocent Angel, surely all those people were checking in for moral support. Perhaps I was wrong.... but the shot did kick ass, I'm showing more tightness and curve around the waist. Yea me! *happy dance*

Third, watching Terminator 2, and Linda Hamilton is a bat-shit crazy BADASS. I want to be her in 6 months. Which means I really need to start focusing on upper body strength, something that will also help with my shooting. I'd really like to up my endurance at the range.

Note from Angel:
Part of building WarriorAngel is embracing ALL of who I am, and let's face facts, shall we? I am a teensy bit of an exhibitionist. For any creepers out there, make no mistake, I am heavily armed and fully capable of protecting myself. Come at me and I'll blow your balls off.
And if not me, look around at my friends. They're even more heavily armed, and I have NO doubt they all have my back.

Someday I'll trade this,
For this.....


Anonymous said...

Suggest you run a little test. Post last nights picture and check the hits. Do a bar graph. Run some statistical significance tests.
Plot cleavage and pokyness vs hits.
The possibilities are endless.
Glad class was good and you survived. I was wondering how it went. Do your earlobes hurt?

hiswiserangel said...

terry, there's two possibilities. Either you guys who know and love me are hitting those WAY too frequently and all y'all need to get lives. OR there's a bunch of creepy lurking dudes out there looking at my sports bra. Which is it?

I'll post it for ONE hour on the appropriate post and we'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Now we can add a temporal dimension to the charts and graphs. Just like school - in more ways than one.
OMG, 50th high school reunion this year. Shit.

crankyjohn said...


orbitup said...

I think it's both Angel.

Bearded Youth said...

Ok. I confess, I'm responsible for a view or two.

hiswiserangel said...

Okay, y'all looking doesn't bug me that much because I "know" you and I know you'd probably knock the shit out of anyone who tried to hurt me. but the creepers.....ick.

Anonymous said...

I think I see more waist than in the first picture.
Well damn done!

Anonymous said...

I hope you didn't take that wrong, by "more waist" I meant smaller waist, as in lookin good!