Thursday, January 24, 2013

You know what, NRA? NO, just NO

Universal Background Checks = Universal Government Gun Registry
No. Hell no. Fuck no. No. Never. Nada. Negatory. NO.
That's the only thing the NRA needs to remember in it's "negotiations" to give away our rights. NO. Say it with me, "NO." See how easy that was? Think they'll remember that when it comes time to draw the line? No? Me neither.
The NRA has been vocal in opposing the president's call for new gun controls, arguing that Obama has attempted to exploit the mass shooting at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school to limit Second Amendment rights. In remarks earlier this week, NRA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre accused the president of wanting to put "every private personal firearms transaction right under the thumb of the federal government."
Later Thursday, a spokesman for the NRA said that while the group was working with members of Congress to "address the problems with the background check system," the group would not support expanding background checks to include private transfers.

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Letter from Robert to the NRA, it freaking rocks!


Robert Fowler said...

I wrote a letter to the NRA telling them what I thought.

Devil Tongue said...

That's it, everyone back the NRA because they bend over a little bit more every time the 2A is attacked. After paying a life time membership due, they backed Harry Reid because he built a shooting gallery in "his" district, how the fuck did that shit turn out???

Can you spell D.O.N.E.! Sit back and watch how much they "stand" for your 2A when the shit gets thick. I already know what is coming from their ILA branch, and I already disagree, the language in the 2A is not vague and is quite pointed as a matter of fact.

Spend your donations wisely Patriots because it does matter.

Anonymous said...

JFPO and GOA are the only gun organizations that do not compromise. GOA has received the blessing of Ron Paul (the only person in congress aside from his son who supports repealing the 1934 NFA and all other gun laws).

The NRA has always kissed the goverment's butt.

JeremyR said...

The government should maintain a list of people who are not allowed to own weapons indexable by name, birth date, SSN, and Drivers license. Make that list searchable for all fire arms dealers. that way all a seller has to do is take the buyers ID, check it on the computer, not enter a name or anything, just index and look, and if he sees a flagged person, call the police. Any person who has a concern should be able to call their local gun dealer and have him do a check for them.
Every law biding citizen has the right to own any weapon they want and can afford. Any law that says other wide is unconstitutional.