Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Done before we pull out of the drive-thru


pigpen51 said...

my computer loaded this picture from top to bottom v e r y slowly. and then it stop at a strategic point about half way down. I know you are a lady, but I was really stumped wondering just what could that be a picture of. when my connection finally took off again, I was amazed to see what it was. I was sure it was an upside down chocolate ice sickle.

Anonymous said...

but, but isn't that kinda short for a chocolate??

vaquero viejo?

Anonymous said...

You like that? Dickssssssssssssssssss!!!!!
Come and GIT IT! Dick ICE CREAM.
and the nice little swallow for the CREAM

J Bogan said...

Jesus Anon 9:46, this ain't some porno site... Mind your manners, and keep your perversions to yourself. Don't ask, don't tell.