Thursday, April 30, 2015

I think the Keurig is shifty as fuck

Throwback Thursday

Something abouthis rig makes me feel like an outlaw.

What passes for art these days

Angel's Adventures in 1911 Land

Been wearing my new rig all afternoon. Several things can be noted:

  1. I have bruised ribs on the right.
  2. I need a belt and tighter jeans.
  3. I need a better plan for potty breaks. I unzipped and everything fell to the floor with a shocking thud and whacked my ankle. Seriously, my Sig doesn't depants me at every turn.
  4. I look freaking badass, and I'm scared to death I won't be able to live up to that image.
  5. I have range time booked Monday.86 hours. 5160 minutes. 309.600 seconds. Fuck.
  6. I smell like leather, new gun, and gun oil. 

For the ladies

I think I need a little range time...

My, oh my, Part 2

You know whathe Most Beautiful Holster in the World needs? A hot, sexy 1911 .45 ACP BFF.  

I goto pick her up this morning. Now y'all need to understand something about me;  I was raised part Catholic and part Baptist. I have a very healthy sense of guilt. Any time I'm faced with authority at any level, I feel strangely compelled to start confessing sins I've never even thought of, let alone committed. Second, I haven't purchased a new firearm since 1999. My S&W .38 was a graduation gift from Poppy in 1985 (through six years of undergrad and grad, I kept my promise and kept it on me at all times.) My Sig 9mil was purchased in 1999 for more self-defense firepower. I haven'had to purchase a handgun since becoming Angel, Lonely Libertarian. So I was terrified something I don't remember doing would pop up and I'd leave empty handed. Or worse. Plus, I had to make it back by noon to gethe cute chicks.

So, I get my part filled out in about 5 minutes. Next, it's the FFL and the government's turn. So as I'm standing there, my inner Catholic schoolgirl, complete with pigtails,plaid skirt and knee socks,sneaks in wrapped in guilt for uncommitted sins and sings in my ear, "You're gonna get it, you're gonna get it..."
Scenarios start running through my head....

"aka hiswiserangel?"
"Um, yes?"
"aka Angel?"
"aka the Lonely Libertarian?"
"I can explain..."
"Do you know or have you consorted with a man known as Kerodin?"
"Do you know or thave you consorted with a man known as Kenny "wirecutter" Lane?"
"Awwww, fuck me sideways...."
"Waihere, please. Code Ginger, repeat, we have a Code Ginger..."

"Ma'am? Looks like you've lived a quiet, boring life. You're good to go."
In and out in 17 minutes.

Pictures of me modeling will have to wait for my gun belt. I hooked that bad boy to my jeans, took two steps and depantsed  myself.

Remember,for all your holster and bad boy firearm needs:

I'll always treasure it

Because there's just not enough whimsy

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Good night all, sweet dreams

And Gander's, and Cabela's, and...

My, oh my

Dragon Leatherworks.

Yes, I got my custom holster today. Yes, I cried. Pictures are worth a thousand words, especially when you're rendered speechless.

Yes, folks, two, 2, dos, deux, animals died for this work of art. Cow, of course, buthe focal point is a gorgeous piece of python, hand painted, and meticulously framed by the leather holster, which in itself is a work of art.

And yes, embossed in the leather, a Spartan spearhead with the III. As beautiful as the whole piece is, it was that special toucthat made me cry. Yes, I cried. Bawled. Nose running, red-eyed, can'talk crying. I know whathat III means, and I know I'll do my besto live up to ito the best of my abilities. I may not be on the front lines, but I will do everything in my power to provide supporto those who are. It's that reason I often hesitate to identify as III, I don't feel I measure up. But I'm sure as hell 10% (the estimated number of Patriots who gave aid and support. I am a Patriot.

But I wish I could have gotten the hidden embossment. One on the back, under the frame. It says, "Made in America." And really, that should say more abouthe beauty and value of this piece of wearable art. It was hand-crafted in American BY an American Patriot FOR American Patriots. It is a wearable work of genius that boldly and distinctively makes a statement; and I will wear it proudly.
Skip called his a "bar-b-que" holster; mine is a marrying-burying-sundaymeeting-Prom-whenever I damn well wanto holster. I'm probably going to be sleeping with it for a while. Nevermind.

So, one last word about Dennis. Yes, you can probably get a mass-produced Chinese-made holster for a fraction on what one of his cost. I'm still a little freaked outhathis is my most expensive "attire". But, you truly get what you pay for. With loving care, this holster will be a legacy. Something to pass down, something that will still be lovely and functional long after I'm not. And, you get Dennis. A craftsman who cares abouthis customers. I've never handled an 1911 and I've never owned anything like this. Dennis has been very supportive and informative on how to properly break it in. For most of you dudes, that's nothat big a deal. For ladies, especially one venturing into something new, receiving knowledge without condescension is like gold. Someone who'll walk you through it without making you feel like an idiot is worth the extra price. And for you dudes, he's available to discuss customization, special orders, and the like. Justry to gethat from a mass producer.

I'd write more, but I keep sticking my nose in the holster and losing track. I'm adding a link to the pic Dennis posted on his site.

Blogger down!

Missdoubletroubletwo is down. She had an emergency gall bladder surgery earlier this week and was just released from the hospital on her own recognizance. I've spoken with her, she's weak and sore, but a true trooper, and promises to be back by Monday.

Please leave some love for her, either here or aher place.

Get well, chickie! We miss you!

Master of understatement

Liberal race relations

Got a problem with that?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Can you be nostalgic if you were only 10?

I need help shopping

Okay, I've got to find these again. Back oh so long ago and far away, I had a pair of black leather chap boots with low riding heels. Boots designed to be functional riding horses or bikes. Whatever, you know? Custom ordered from a bootmaker in Australia, but I can't find them online. All I can find now are slutty CFM chap boots, and while they are not without their charms, still not what I'm looking for. So, anybody out there know where I can find these or someone who can make them? I'm aiming for my 50th birthday.

We all have our preferences

Oh! You dawg!

Works for other species as well.


Monday, April 27, 2015

Actually, I think wine started it

I'm whatever the opposite of this is

I'm out-of-control, outrageous, confused,
with mild to moderate mood swings.
And soon to be armed with a .45.

Status update update

Well, Dennis aDragon Leatherworks has shipped my new 1911 .45 AND my new custom holster, both due in on Wednesday. I'll be picking up my holster athe post office and my new best friend at an FFL in Amarillo. Pics of everything to follow, I'm going to flat-out break all y'alls hearts.

Dennis offered to send pics, but I declined. I want my first impressions to encompass ALL senses: sight, sound, smell (God, I love the smell of leather), touch, and taste (sweet saltiness of tears of joy). Dennis will probably send pics to wirecutter who will try to torture me with 'em, buthat's okay. WC helped me mightily, I love him, and he probably owes me for a couple of things I mighhave done recently

When potheads riot

Beyond cool

Daddy ingenuity

What exactly IS this year's prom theme?

I bet it was Mooch's tab

Just a little schnack for reparations' sake.

We'll have none of your shenanigans here

I'm being raped by nature

My eyes are swollen and runny. One nostril is swollen shut and the other is running like a river. My throat is itchy, and Benedryl isn't working worth a fuck. I'm going back to bed.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015

because everybody loves boobies

Double trouble two, the early years

Guess which one?

Fun and funky Friday float

1 can root beer, cold
2 shots or more of Jack Daniel’s*
1 big scoop of vanilla ice cream
In a mug, pour shots of JD whiskey.
Add in root beer and stir for 5 seconds.
Top with vanilla ice cream. Serve immediately.

*Adjust the amount of alcohol depending on how much of a hit you want to achieve.