Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The feeling of most zoo animals

I had NO idea my guardian angel was ghetto

.....but she's probably right.

Is it over yet? Can I come out now?

It matches my momicure

Momicure: a self-manicure that ends with one hand done,
usually lasts for two weeks or until all the polish chips off.

The Express Bus to Hell leaves in 30 minutes

It's not stupid if it works

Just an average day for Joe Biden

Some of you give me heartburn


And get off my lawn.

Trading your soul for free wifi

The sad thing is there are people who not only 
don't see a problem with this,
they're willing to trade everyone else's privacy 
and security for free endless wifi.
Those have to be the five scariest words:
"Citizens are issued an ID"

But it's discreet brown paper

If Monday was an Elvis impersonator

Monday, May 30, 2016

The story of the poppies

Blood red poppies have been flowers of remembrance for American soldiers killed in battle since World War I. Soldiers came home bearing stories of cold barren fields transformed in the spring by fields of wild, bright red poppies. The poppy became the symbol for lives sacrificed in battle, fields covered in bright blood spilled, and also a reminder of hope, that those lives would not be lost in vain.

The earliest mention of poppies was in a war poem by physicist Lt. Col. John McCrae titled "In Flanders Fields". McCrae wrote the poem in 1915 after presiding over the funeral of a friend killed in the Second Battle of Ypres.

Growing up, we'd hold Memorial Day presentations and recite the poem. To this day, I can recite it from memory. And you could always find members of the American Legion posts and VFW posts handing them out to people in front of stores and government offices. Sadly, we've lost touch with the meaning of the red poppies and few folks understand why strangers are handing them little paper flowers. No, they aren't asking for donations. No, they aren't trying to recruit you for a cult. All they are asking is that you take the flower and remember.

The last generations who truly knew the meaning of sacrifice on the battlefield had started to die off. Participation in groups like the American Legion and VFW had started to dwindle. We now have a new generation of soldiers, families who know the pain of ultimate sacrifice, but do we still remember the way we used to? Will they?

The poem is 101 years old. And just as poignant.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A deep and sincere thank you

Mom wanted me to send their thank yous to everyone who kept Poppy in their prayers over the last few weeks and sent him get well cards. Especially for the cards. According to her, they've made several trips to McD's to be shown to his coffee klatch, and he keeps them on his bedside table or next to his recliner where he can read them when he's feeling down. They mean the world to him; he was amazed that so many people from everywhere who didn't know him would be so thoughtful and send him get well wishes. I'm not amazed at all; I know how awesome you all are.

So thank you from mom and Poppy, and especially from me. You are my extended family and you freaking rock!



When dogs resemble their douche owners

And they come out of nowhere

Wirecutter, the early years

Really bad packaging design

And why the fuck do they put child-proof caps on Midol?! Seriously, people, that shit ain't funny.


It works for teenagers, too

Preparing for the Hell of Summer Vacation.