Saturday, June 28, 2014

And it really freaks out your demons

Retreating arthritic dog poses threat to police dog

This time, the cops shoot a RETREATING arthritic dog in front of his pleading owner. It feels like we're being groomed. If they can do this and we become accustomed to it, we'll meekly stand by and watch as they shoot our neighbors, our friends and our families. 
"One of the officers went to her home after the shooting and spoke with her, saying “Ma’am we’re dog people, too, but we couldn’t let them fight.”  (blogger's note: Willy Pete was RETREATING) He then apologized to her and offered to bury Willy Pete for her.
State Police spokesman Lt. Michael Baylous said that they’re still searching for the suspect, however, he declined to comment on the dog being shot.
“It’s counterproductive and it’s only serving to fan the tension,” Baylous said. “We have had several people responding to us in a very irrational way (blogger's note: "irrational" is code for "unacceptable") and we feel that it’s counterproductive to comment further.”
Facebook page called Justice for Willy Pete was started to support Sweat and her tragic loss. As of this writing it had just over 4,100 likes."

and when the lawnmower tries to finish me

I got up this morning around 7, fixed a full country breakfast with homemade buttermilk biscuits, sausage gravy, hash browns, BACON, sausage (see gravy) and apple pie preserves (some of us like our biscuits gravyless). Cleaned the kitchen, got lunch started (pulled pork in the slow cooker), and went to the garage to kick the Craftsman's ass. I got it a couple of summers ago, bought it and a Toro riding mower from the same lady for $400. The Toro had a flat tire and needed a tune up, and the Craftsman needed a new battery, blades and something was hinky with the fuel system. God, I love rich divorced women. Got the Toro spit shined and running smooth and sold it a few weeks ago for $700. That left me with almost a half-acre and a 17-year-old Craftsman push mower, so I decided to start working on the Craftsman. From about 10 am, it got a tune up, new fuel pump, new carburetor, two new blades. Started up the first try and had the front, sides and alley done in no time. Damn, I'm good.

And look! All fingers present and accounted for! (Had to get a pic of my greasy hand so y'all wouldn't think I was telling a fib about working.)

Friday, June 27, 2014

When jewelry attacks

Ian Restil: The Early Years

Okay, that explains a lot.

Leave it to the Left

Okay, I wholeheartedly agree that guns are NOT toys. I agree that ALL weapons should be secured and that children should be taught to respect guns and instructed on how to handle them. I'm just not sure what to make of this from the Left. Of course, they'd have to go THERE.

(at the risk of embarrassing her, got this from 
Bonnie Gadsden's wife's FB page. 
Bonnie wouldn't post it. Chicken.)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Oh honey! No!

The Man Panty Protest of '14

"Give us your frayed, your skidmarked, 
your waistbands losing elasticity..."

Wirecutter shared the government's plan to provide 42,000 man panties to the illegal aliens, from run of the mill S/M/L's all the way to 6XGrande's. Someone came up with the brilliant idea to help/protest by sending them all the man panties they can handle. Tighty Whities, banana hammocks, those kick ass boxer briefs, just plain boxers. You got 'em, they want 'em. Think how many times you've heard "He'd give you the shirt of his back." What greater love hath man than to give his fellow man his briefs? Send 'em to your favorite amnesty advocating congresscritter, send 'em to ICE or DHS, or send 'em to the Big Banana himself. Imagine if every Patriot sent in just one pair of slightly used whoo-haw holders, the White House would be covered. 

Now, I know some of you ~coughwirecuttercough~ prefer a state of natural unfetteredness and claim not to possess man panties. No excuses, go to your local Dollar store, purchase a pack of slightly irregulars, give 'em a good sweaty workout, and post those puppies forthwith.

Man Panties for Progress
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave W
Washington DC 20500

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Thomas S. Winkowski
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
500 12th St., SW
Washington, D.C. 20536

Secretary Jeh Charles Johnson
Department of Homeland Security
Washington, D.C. 20528

I bet the NSA has 'em too

My new job

Because BACON, bitch

True definition of AMBITION

Yeah, so the UN is looking to hire

click to enlarge

The U.N. is hiring a “Disarmament, Demobilization, and Re-integration (DDR) officer” for the apparent purpose of disarming American citizens as the “duty station” is New York City, USA. 

The U.N. defines “disarmament” as “the collection, documentation, control and disposal of small arms, ammunition, explosives and light and heavy weapons from combatants and often from the civilian population.”

Okie dokie, then. Want to see more?

These positions are located in field missions of Peace Operations. The DDR Officer typically reports to the head of a work unit or to a senior official responsible for DDR operations in a field location, though this may vary depending on the mission structure. The focus of these jobs is to lead the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of DDR programmes,operations and other related activities in the country or region concerned.
Well, now, isn't that interesting? Anybody got any ideas about target practice?

For my math/science geeks

From Australia, with WTF?????

Please note these important facts:

One size fits ALL.
ALL items are NEW. (used? ick)
There is a 14-day money back return policy.
(what the hell do they do with the returns?)
Did I mention one size fits ALL?

If you must have one for your summer frolicking, here's the link:

Click to enlarge ~snicker~

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

We need to get the word out

As a Fluffy American, I approve this message.


I just want to thank y'all so much for the supportive words and atta girls. It's all too easy to get stuck in the loop of "shoulda's" and forget that what I did was right and worked. I met with a victim therapist today. I still rankle a bit at "victim" since I wasn't physically harmed and what I experienced on the scale of violence was pretty mild, but it helped to talk to her and she gave me some great advice and techniques on how to battle the panic attacks. I'm still not sleeping much, kind of cat naps here and there. I've stopped jumping every time I hear a pickup drive down the street, and I'm going to the range for a little aromatherapy probably Friday.

As for the perp. The pickup was found abandoned and out of gas about 2.5 hours east headed to Oklahoma. It was registered to a 70 year old farmer in a town about 2 hours south of here, definitely not the 40-ish Hispanic man with the little wee-wee (is that redundant?). He claims to have sold it on Craigslist about three months ago. In Texas, while you are supposed to register the title as soon as you buy a vehicle, a lot of people wait until the tags and/or registration run out. The impounded the truck, it hasn't been reported as stolen, and it's been dusted for prints. They got three sets, but none of them are in the system.

Do I think he'll come back for round #2? No.
Do I think he'll try this again with some other woman? Yes.

And that's where I have a shitload of guilt. If he does this again, and especially if he escalates and hurts someone, I could have stopped it and didn't. This is what keeps me up at night.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Weekend Update

This is a post I didn't want to write, something I didn't want to admit to having done and been through, but I think it's necessary. If sharing this can keep someone else from letting their guard down and doing something stupid that puts them at unnecessary risk, then it's worth it. So......

Saturday, we (and by that I mean me) participated in the Chamber of Commerce Citywide garage sale. Twenty three sales throughout the town, addresses on a map, 10 hours of insanity. I handled it alone because, well, I do that a lot because of circumstances. Anyway, sales were brisk through the morning and lunch, but around 4 started to drop off, so I started closing up shop and putting things away. Hadn't seen another soul for about an hour when this dude pulls in and asks if we sold the rototiller and can he look at it. I show him where it is and go back to putting things away. Mistake #1: I had almost $600 in my pocket and was alone with a man I'd never met in an enclosed area and I turned my back on him. I let my guard down. 
He was there about 10 minutes asking questions and making small talk, and then he started talking about snakes, have I seen any, would I like to handle a live snake. I wasn't really paying attention and said "Sure," to which he responded "Here, start with this one." That's when I looked at him, he had his semi-flaccid whoo-haw in his hand working it. In a heartbeat, Mistake #2 registered: I had let him maneuver me to the back and he was between me and the exit.

Now let me offer this. I carry concealed, all day every day. One of the first things to go on in the morning, last to come off at night. If there was a pajama holster, I'd use it. I've had handguns since my first one before college, Poppy gave it to me. So in 28 years, I've never had to draw my weapon. I did Saturday. I immediately told him to leave as I was drawing, he took a step towards me with his other hand reaching for me, I raised my Sig and aimed. He registered what he was looking at, turned and ran back to his pickup. All of this happened in probably less than a minute. It was almost like I was out of my body watching it all. As he pulled away, I got the plate number, puked and called 911. The cops came, and in our little town they're still Peace Officers, took my statement, my description (very detailed) of both the jerk and his pickup. And before y'all ask, yes they know I drew my weapon, and both reassured me I'd done good. Like I said, Texas small town police. They don't take kindly to creeps assaulting women in their garages. 

So, this is my tale. These were the mistakes I made: being alone in a situation that brings strangers to my home, letting my guard down around a strange man, not being completely aware of my surroundings, letting myself get maneuvered into an unfavorable position. My one saving grace? I was armed with a weapon that I practice with consistently. I was comfortable drawing it, and I gave myself permission years ago to use it with deadly force. If he had taken one more step, the police report would have been much different. 

Physically, I'm fine. Mentally and emotionally, I'm a mess. I'm having panic attacks and I can't sleep. I get up at least every other hour to check the doors and windows. I think I've eaten maybe three or four meals in the last three days. Stupid little things make me cry. And all because I got careless and complacent. So please, pretty please with sugar on top, take this as a lesson and never let your guard down. I love y'all and I'd hate like hell to lose you. 



Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Rebel With Four Paws

FYI, it's "Houston"

I'm really beginning to worry

95% of my spam content is either valium or porn.

What does that say about me?!

What does that say about you, my readers?

I just don't get it.


Yeah, I know most of y'all are wirecutter's readers slumming over here, but just in case you've been spending all your time today enjoying the Prancing Wirecutter .gif, go check this out. We're family, we take care of each other, even when we're aggravated/aggravating.

Friendship and bullets

A few nights ago, wirecutter emailed me asking for my address. Oh shit, thought I, he's finally going to do something about this:

But no, he actually had a happy surprise for me. Some time back, he'd entered a drawing for a battle pack of 300 rounds of 9mm. Luger 115 gr. FMJ 9mm to be exact. Every knows he doesn't own a 9mil, has no need for 9mm bullets, so why did he enter? Because he knew I did, and he's that kind of friend. As soon as he found out he won, he had my addy to, and this morning the FedEx guy handed me this:

Kinda makes me sorry for the .gif, but not really.

Thank you, wirecutter, you adorable curmudgeon; and y'all go check out Give them your business, they're good folks.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Top 10 Things Poppy Taught Me

1. Life isn't fair, it isn't supposed to be.

2. Hard work is it's own reward, atta girls are sprinkles.

3. It's a 1000 times harder to lie than to tell the truth (and the punishment for lying was ALWAYS worse than for telling the truth).

4. No one is going to fight harder for you than you're willing to fight for yourself.

5. Correlation to #4: Don't wait for Prince Charming to save you. Be able to save yourself (and Prince Charming if he needs it.)

6. Men won't respect you if you don't respect yourself.

7. Nothing good ever happens after 2 am. If you're in trouble after 2 am, you're somewhere you shouldn't be doing something you shouldn't be doing.

8.True Love is a fairy tale. Real Love is hard work, compromise, humility, compassion and patience. It's also way more rewarding than True Love.

9. A man needs to earn your heart before he gets the rights to your body.

10. I will always love and cherish you, no matter what you do or where you go. I may not always approve, but I'll always love you.

Happy Father's Day, Poppy! Thank you for everything you are and all that you do.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

There's an empty tequila bottle under her left hand

Sign of an Obama Recovery

Obama visits the troops

But wait, that's logical

A good friend, good Patriot and occasional commenter, Jesse in DC, sent this to me this morning. It's his comment on another blog and it explains things quite nicely. I think of all the people who grew up like this, exposed to firearms and taught to handle them properly and respect the power of being armed, who never shot anyone at school or work or anywhere else for that matter. What's the difference? Guns haven't changed since their inception, they are what they are, tools to be used. So what changed? The culture, society, a liberal mindset that my feelings and rights and needs supersede yours, and life is cheap and disposable. We don't need to address guns and gun ownership, we need to address what went wrong with our culture and society.

"I am in my mid 50s, I got my first gun, a Remington single shot 22 for my 10th birthday My dad was a gun guy too. He hunted, shot trap and skeet, target shot, and even built a few custom guns over the years. I am old enough to remember how it was before the GCA of 1968(as always brought to you by the freedom hating Democrat party) at least a little bit.I got to go with my dad and hang out at Pete Fresh's gunstore in Rockville. There were no 4473s. You could buy guns through the mail. The old guys that hung out there instilled in me a tremendous respect for the gun culture, and respect for guns. I was allowed to handle some...I was taught the 4 rules. Throughout my childhood there were guns in our house. They were secured, but not locked away. My dad delighted in showing me and my siblings his latest find. As I headed to adulthood, I picked up where my dad left off. He collected some things, I collected others.I shared my latest finds with him too, right up until he passed away. What is my point to all of this? The gun culture is my culture. It has been a part of the United States since the beginning of this country. (See Kentucky rifles...)It is only since the creation of the "progressives" that gun ownership has ever been questioned. It is only in the last 50 years that gun ownership has come under constant attack.  And it is always the same political party. Yes, gun ownership is enshrined in the BOR, but more than that, it is in our very DNA. Not only do they wish to rule us by force, they wish to stamp out our very culture. They want to separate us from the culture that allowede our forefathers to create our very country. This is past unacceptable. It is wrong, unconstitutional, and unAmerican. I will not accept this. I urge all of you that have not, find a copy of Unintended Consequences , and read it. When you see "that which shall not be infringed"  infringed all in one place, you will understand how far back we have already been pushed. Let us not be pushed back any more."

In a comment on The Truth About Guns blog. post HERE

Visa Gold: Everywhere you want to be.