Sunday, May 31, 2015

I may have gained a little more than I thought

III%er needs help bad!!!

Beanburner, of Burnt Beans and BS, is needing our help and prayers. His son was the victim of a vicious hit-and-run (intentional, NOT accidental) in Clayton NM early Saturday morning. The perp was chased to the NM-TX border where he evaded the cops and could be hiding in my neck of the woods. Possibly Dumas, Dalhart or Amarillo.

Late 90s to mid 2000s white or light colored Chevy pickup with heavy front-end damage and a broken grill. And a sorry son-of-a-bitch driving it. I know most of y'all aren't around here, but prayers work from anywhere.

Wirecutter and Angel

It's crazy enough it might work

I miss Andre

Monday, May 25, 2015

CGD's got a game for you

Tired but happy

2 spiral hams, one huge brisket, 20 pounds mashed potatoes, 10 gallons of gravy, homemade Parker House rolls (thanks Mrs. Grimes), gallons of green beans, corn, every imaginable salad, and pies. Dear God, the pies. So many pies.

We put on luncheons for our VFW members twice a month, cover the family meals when one of them passes, and pull out all the stops for them and their families on holidays. It's a festive time, and one in which the community pulls together.

What was missing? Sadly, our last WWII Veteran who passed last winter. Two Korean Veterans, one who passed away in January and one who is battling Parkinson's and wasn't able to attend. And one of our Vietnam Vets who succumbed to cancer last month. We paid tribute to them, they are loved and will be missed.

Sadly, we also had many, many new faces. Young faces fresh back from Iraq and Afghanistan; the next generation of Veterans of Foreign Wars. Yes, there was Desert Shield/Desert Storm between Korea and Afghanistan, and yes we have a few veterans from Desert Storm. However, not since Vietnam has there been the numbers of young men and women returning from a foreign battlefield, with wounds and scars, some visible, many invisible. Soldiers who aren't quite sure how or where to fit back into civilian life, who are carrying nightmares the majority of us will thankfully never know. And to see the Vietnam Veterans taking these young people into the fold, welcoming them as brothers and sisters in arms, instills a sense of pride and peace.

But as one of the guys so sagely said, "Man, let there come a day when there are no more new faces."

Last one out, turn out the lights.

In Remembrance

Today is going to be light posting.
I have a date with some Vets.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

NOW!!!! Dragon's First Ever Memorial Day Sale

Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks has just announced his very first ever Memorial Day Sale. 
It runs from 00:00:01 on May 25 to 23:59:59 (Eastern time, adjust to your time zone), a full 24-hour sale on every item in the Dragon's Hoard. All items will be at least 5% off, and items that are already sale priced through his distributor will be an additional 5%. For you math challenged, that's at least 10%.  Now this is only on the items in the Dragon's Hoard (see portal in side bar), not the custom leather goods. He's generous, not stupid. 
So go check out the Hoard and celebrate Memorial Day by supporting a Patriot business. 

It's on folks.
Midnight Eastern to 23:59:59 Eastern.

~snerkle~ Hey! Wait a minute....

Ricky always made sense

Okay, the internet has ruined them too