Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sweet dreams, y'all!

Okay, now I feel better

One of those afternoons. I'm expecting a phone call from a friend sometime this evening, and running around trying to get hubby packed and off to Vegas for a few days, take care of the girls and coordinate with the parental units for an impromptu family reunion since my brother and his family are down from Spokanistan. Anyhoo, spent the last 45 minutes talking to mom, frantically searching for my cell phone. On which I was talking to my mom, about not being able to find my cell phone. Bear with me folks, she knew damn good and well what I was looking for because, frankly, this wasn't the first time. But she lets me go, even suggesting places to go look, in case I missed something. I adore my mom, got every twisted synapse from her. But sometimes she drives me batshit crazy. So after emptying my purse, my backup purse, searching the momvan, cleaning my desk and searching the momvan again, she starts cracking up.

"What?! WHAT?! Dammit, mom, it's not funny!!!!"

She finally lets me in on the joke. I hate when my oh-so-highly-educated-intelligent brain skips a groove. But at least I'm not Caligula Crazy.


If I put empty casings under my pillow,
will the Ammo Fairy bring me a box of
Hornady 9mm hollow point?

Visual thinking and Autism

Those of us in the Autism community know the name Temple Grandin. Those in the cattle industry know the name Dr. Temple Grandin. She is a rare case of an Autistic person born in the 50s whose mother identified her condition as being workable instead of an automatic trip to an institution. Because of Eustacia Cutler's unwillingness to give up on her daughter and her conviction to tirelessly work with Temple, the world has an amazing source of insight into the Autistic mind. Dr. Grandin is proof that Autistic children can learn, can be reached, as long as their sensory challenges and differences are recognized and respected.

We have always known the Teen Queen was a visual thinker. When she couldn't find her words, she'd draw a picture. Her early forms of communication included PECS (Picture Exchange Card System) and picture plans. Now that the Baby Queen has her iPad with several picture and video apps, we're getting a better idea of what goes on in her head, where her sensitivities are strongest, what sensory inputs are most painful. Sadly, we've floundered with her for 15 years, but I'm embracing the "Better late than never" philosophy. We'll grab the technology by the short hairs and follow her lead. My only problem with her developing communication skills is that she knows where all the bodies are buried. Yikes.


Saturday, June 29, 2013

3 generations to degenerate

Okay, stop and think about this.
Think about yourselves
as kids in today's world.
How many drugs would they have us taking
to control our "behavior"?

Carly's Cafe, Two minutes through the eyes of an autistic teen

Every fall, I present a two-hour interactive session at the local schools for any of the teachers, admin, or aides who wish to know current trends in autism research and new treatment protocols. I think this may be added. Have a look and tell me what you think.

A peek into the mind of an overthinker

Chocolate Bacon Almond Butter Bananas

Ohhhhhhh. ~shivers of ecstasy~
This is sexy on a stick. This is a grownup's popsicle.
This is ALMOST better than sex.
One tip: Make sure your bananas are FIRM. Not too overripe.
This is key to the whole thing. Now, go forth and indulge.


... 3 bananas
6 strips of bacon, cooked crispy (or more to taste)
1/2 cup almond butter
1 cup chocolate chips or dark chocolate
cinnamon to sprinkle

1. – peel bananas
2. – cut each banana into thirds, and then cut each third in half lengthwise to make banana slices
3. – lay out your banana slices, add almond butter to both slices and then lay a slice of bacon on each slice
4. – put the 2 banana halves together to make a sandwich and set on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet to freeze
5. – continue this until all of your bananas are made into sandwiches with almond butter and bacon in the middle
6. – transfer to a freezer and let sit for at least 30 min
7. – when you’re ready, place your chocolate chips in a double boiler and temper your chocolate until it is melted
9. – remove your bananas from the freezer and dip each one in your melted chocolate and return them to your cookie sheet
10. – sprinkle them all with cinnamon and then return to the freezer
11. – keep frozen until ready to serve.
Teen Queen's Modification: S'mores Bananas
Instead of Almond butter, spread the bananas with Marshmallow fluff, dip fluff side in crumbled graham crackers and assemble and freeze. Dip in chocolate, refreeze. 

The Perfect Wedding Gift

Because, you know, a toaster is so impersonal

Friday, June 28, 2013

And 9 out of 10, I'm neither

Sometimes, I can't shut up.
Even with the little voice in my head
screaming at me to stop talking.

Happy Hour

Thank God! It's finally the weekend. Go make it epic.

WiscoDave, the Early Years

Medicinal Herb Garden

A month ago I inherited a couple of old tractor tires. One ended up a piece of workout equipment. The other has been repurposed as an herb garden. Of course, I planted the usual kitchen herbs, parsley, rosemary, sage, mint, and cilantro. Imagine my surprise to find out these are also useful medicinal herbs. I'm doing a buttload of research on medicinal herbs you'll need when SHTF, this is a new area for me, so bear with me. And if you have other info and ideas, send 'em along.

Good starting place:

Must have book:

This one has "Everything you need to know explained simply." Yep, that's about my speed.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Damn, I think I need to get some. :-)
Good night my blogging buddies.
Sweet dreams to you all.

Wildlife Trapping Tip: Baiting the Trap

I was called a "Cougar" today
by a very attractive younger man.
Heh, I didn't know whether to be
flattered or appalled.
But the first guy with Open Arms
and a chilled cabernet blanc....

The Great Ammo Debate

Got this in the old email box and thought it would be right up y'alls alley. I agree with the need for knowledgeable shooters to share with the newcomers. Nothing counts more than experience. Share it.

Hey Lonely Libertarian,
Mark here reaching out in hopes that you’ll help us create the most epic guide on 9mm vs. 40 S&W vs. 45 ACP on the web. As you probably know it’s a common debate but there isn’t a very good place out there to get good information and learn from other shooters’ experience. We’d be honored if you’d be a part of the guide.
We know that the question of “which caliber is best” depends on each shooter. Still, we believe a case can be made for each caliber and that knowledge is valuable to folks, especially new gun owners. They’re greeted with the unenviable task of slogging through scores of blog posts and forum threads with no way to know who to listen to.  We want to create a single resource that summarizes these threads in a well-formatted and authoritative way.
Will you help me?  If you will, can we cite you as a source?
Assuming the answer to both is yes, here’s what you can do to help:
1.       Tell me which caliber you think is best and why:  9mm, 40 S&W, or 45 ACP.  Please feel free to be as detailed or as ambiguous as you like. We realize you might have a preferred caliber for specific purposes, so feel free to say under what circumstances you’d choose that caliber.
2.       Share your favorite caliber’s survey with your audience (Google+, Facebook, and Twitter are fine too).  If we can get people who are passionate about shooting to take a few minutes for the survey, we’d end up with some truly useful data to pass along to our readers, and we’ll share all of that data with you once we have it compiled:
Thank you so much for your time and for hopefully sharing your knowledge. If you have any questions, please give me a shout.

Mark Ollendale
P.O. Box 85073 #45605
Richmond, VA 23285-5073
Phone - 800-581-0293
Fax – 800-760-8511

Calling all Female Patriots

Our brilliant WiscoDave has a hell of an idea rolling around his noggin, and I'd like to help him with it. What we need is the insight, ideas, wants, wish lists and experiences of women. You can be a hard core oo-rah Patriot, a prepper, a wife/daughter/mother/sister of a Patriot/prepper, or just curious. Since this is in the exploration stages, I'm not going to splash the idea all over the blog, but if you're willing to talk to me, email at Nothing personal or embarrassing, I promise.

Thanks in advance!

I just love men with 6-pack abs

Ooooo, look, the one on the left has an 8-pack! Give me a regular Joe with a wicked sense of humor any day.

Good morning, y'all!

Trying to get back into my old self,
do what I do to keep y'all happy and moving forward. 
Get out there and give 'em hell!

Monday, June 24, 2013

WarriorAngel agrees, female armor sucks


You can't argue with statistics

My little gift to you dudes

For putting up with my pissy little hissy fit today. Long weekend, sick Teen Queen, lack of sleep, and other general aggravations made me a little bitchy. And non-communicative. I've pulled on my big girl panties (sorry Crankyjohn, wherever you are) and ready to face the coming week with my head out of my ass.


Survivor's Anthem

I don't know what the fuck is going on with this post,
220 hits in an hour and massive spam.
Don't know if it's the lack of a title,
so I'm changing that.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Babe, we're trying something a little different tonight...

Well, yee-haw, cowboy.

Internal Redistribution Service Fucks UP

1. 23,994 individual tax refund checks
2. $46,378,040 total

And they were ALL paid to "Unauthorized" Aliens. Or Undocumented Democrats. Or whatever.

Vocational Education vs College: The Education Bubble

I came across this yesterday and found it very interesting. I went the college route because I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. Still don't. But 6 years, total expense at the local D2 university of $12,000 (that ought to tell you how long ago), I earned a BS in Mass Comm and an MA in Communications. Qualifying me to do pretty much nothing of value. I tried my hand at broadcast news, but left in disgust after a year. Then I went into academia. Left after 4 years to take on the best job in the world, Mommy. But I still have my degrees, and with a buck, they'll get me a cup of coffee.

On the whole, I wish I'd learned a trade. Plumber, electrician, engine repair, something useful and needed. Sure, I can tell you all about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and how to edit a :30 voiceover. But I don't see me going back to either.

The 70s was really when the tide turned from skilled trades to college degrees. You MUST go to college to have all the world has to offer. Work smarter, not harder. Well, now we have a couple of generations of spoiled, entitled Americans who feel that getting a college degree entitles them to an executive office, expense account and fully furnished McMansion without putting in any effort whatsoever. Work? What the hell is work? Take a "less than I was promised" job to cover my ass and work my way up? Why? I can't pay back $400,000 in GSLs for my Ivy League degree in Disgruntled Bi-Racial Gay Socialist Women's studies on $30,000 a year. Welcome to reality, cupcake.

Mike Rowe, uncommon common man, is promoting a return to Vocational education as a means of turning the country around. Turning the economy around. This is a really good read, great idea.
“We’ve elevated the importance of ‘higher education’ to such a lofty perch that all other forms of knowledge are now labeled ‘alternative,’” he said. “Millions of parents and kids see apprenticeships and on-the-job-training opportunities as vocational consolation prizes, best suited for those not cut out for a four-year degree. And still, we talk about millions of ‘shovel ready’ jobs for a society that doesn’t encourage people to pick up a shovel.”

Read more HERE.

Adding the Mike Rowe Works site to the blogroll.

Bulk food storage guide

I kind of became a prepper by accident. We live "away" from civilization as most people know it. To drive to the big city became very expensive when Obama took office and the exorbitant $2 gas ran up to $4, so I cut my runs to once a month. Bulk items. Then I started gardening. At the end of the first growing season, having foisted as many cucumbers, peppers, squash and carrots on friends and family, I wept at the wasted veggies. They just kept producing. So I invested in some basic canning equipment, dragged my grannie's canning cookbook and tried my hand at canning. A little confession here: my first attempt was a mess. I got a few jars up; but it was a mess. You have to prepare for this.

Then I started looking at blogs and prepper sites, and realized what I was doing has a much deeper purpose besides saving a few bucks and cutting down on the trips. It's preparing my family for the fallout. TEOTWAWKI. And I got serious, but again I didn't know what I was doing. It's a daunting task to consider feeding your family for a year when the grid goes down. What do I store? How much per person? How long will it store? How do I store it?

This is one of the best starter sites I've found. A chart for what and how much. The cost calculated is going to vary by location and probably has gone up a bit since this was posted; but for $200-$400, you can have a solid foundation to your food preps.

Bacon Babe

Didn't know whether this was
hot or freaky.

Friday, June 21, 2013

III Arms Company and III Citadel on Glenn Beck

Fucking awesome.

Here it is, folks. The link to the spot on The Blaze where Sam and Holly Kerodin, Vernon and his wife (Citadel) and Jim Miller (III Arms Company). I think it was a very fair interview, and I absolutely think these five Patriots represented our community beautifully. Good on all of you!


WiserAngel needs help. Again.

I thought it was just the comments I was making last night that were disappearing, but going back every single damn comment I've made on my own fucking blog has disappeared. I'm stumped. And pissed. Not quite as bad as wirecutter; at least y'all can comment, but I can't comment back. No interaction, no flirting, no witty banter.

If anyone has any ideas what the fuck is going on, please please help me out here.



Thursday, June 20, 2013

Goodnight blogger buddies

I don't know where y'all have been the last couple of days, but do know that I miss you. And I'm keeping roll. You'll be needing excuse notes from your parents. Sweet dreams.

Help Wirecutter Out

Poor poor baby.

You may post comments for Wirecutter here. I'm sure he reads my site ALL THE TIME. He can't help himself. He created me.  Apparently, going without comments for three whole days has damaged his ego, has dragged him down to our level. We can't be having that. So.... until he gets his comments back up, you may offer your appreciation to him on this post.

Now my own fucking comments
on my own fucking blog
are disappearing.

In a nutshell

The Decline of Culture

"The Gulfstream G650 8-passenger jet, also known as a G6 in rap circles, has trumped the luxury vehicle to become hip hop's new ultimate status symbol. The private plane is the reference of the Far East Movement's No. 1 hit "Like A G6." G6 is used as a metaphor for feeling fly, urban slang for exceptionally good."

~sigh~ morning....

As I schlump into the office this morning, bleary from too many sleep interruptions, I'm thinking it's going to be one of those days. May as well get it over with. Here ya go, my little studmuffins.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I need help

Shaddup. I'm serious guys, don't make me smack you, I need some tech help.

I haven't been able to comment on wirecutter's blog, keep getting a message saying "You may have disabled javascript." Then when I try to enable javescript, my computer says, "Dudette! He's a caca-doody-head liar, your javascript is totally enabled!" And furthermore, I can comment elsewhere, it's just wirecutter.

So, after his last salvo this afternoon (see here), I am unable to comment my wrath. Are any of y'all having problems or is it just me? And if you have any ideas how to fix this, I'd be eternally grateful. Of course, wirecutter may not be as grateful.

It would appear that the issue is with wirecutter's site, so any help or advice y'all can give him would probably be welcome.

On an unrelated note, what the fuck happened at 7:41 pm?!

Mea Culpa for that last one

And she can cook!

Yeah, this is me before the spring thaw

Thanks to WiscoDave,
there's something adorably wrong with you.

Texas Flood

The storms started a little before 6 this morning, and just now started to clear up. We had almost 2 inches in under an hour, total is going to be around 4 inches. We're in a flash flood warning and there's water everywhere. This pic was taken in Clarendon a couple of hours ago, not too far from us.


Oh yeah, good morning y'all!

Better put some of the gals up before the dudes start bitching about the three dudes from last night.

Because you can't have bacon without 'em

Found this online. Amazing what we've forgotten that our ancestors knew so well. I know a lot of y'all have chickens and thought you'd find this interesting. How to keep eggs fresh for up to 9 months. Without refrigeration.

A VERY simple concept