Thursday, March 17, 2016

WC's and Miss Lisa's Excellent Adventure

As most of you already know, wirecutter is close to retirement and then he and his lovely wife Miss Lisa and their two furry charges are heading East. It's going to be a long trek, and no matter how much someone plan's and saves, there will always be come-ups.

WC has devised a fundraiser, a piece of Knuckledraggin', a way to help out and spread the word among the lost of humanity. He's got these for sale:

The stickers measure 12"x5" and has a grid on the back if you want to separate it. They sport black lettering on a clear background, and he'll have them for sale for $12 for the first and $10 for each subsequent sticker. Now, I'm not going to advocate vandalism, but if you know of someone who could use a good dose of Libertarian rants and MILFs, you might do them a favor by giving them one. Or two. 

If you want to help out even further, send wc a self-addressed envelope and help defray the shipping costs. I'm going to have one on the momvan and mom and Poppy are going to sport one on their new CRV. If you're in a heavily PC and Democrat area of the world, you definitely need these. The more Knuckledraggers, the better the world. 

Wirecutter has the order info up HERE,

Please show your support for WC and Miss Lisa. And spread the love.