Wednesday, June 15, 2016

When you just don't care anymore


Mel said...

1cup baking soda followed by a quart of vinegar makes a good drain cleaner. Flush it with hot water about ten minutes later.

drjim said...


Granny said...

Excellent cleaner. I do my bench tops (counter tops) with it, floors and drains. Keeps everything sparkly and costs one tenth of commercial products. If you use generic brands you can save even more and it isn't poison.
The above recipe is Wayyy too much product. 2 tablespoons of baking soda and a splash of vinegar. It makes me wonder what's in your drains, paint?
As a bonus ants hate vinegar and won't cross anywhere that has vinegar on it.
Give bleach away forever. It doesn't kill mold or much of anything else except small children and pets.
My mold killer of choice is 10 drops of Oil of cloves, (find it in your pharmacy) and 2 pints of water in a spray bottle. No more as that is enough. 10 drops only, more is a waste.
Spray the mold and go away. It will kill the mold dead, bleach only er bleaches it not killing the spores. It works on most surfaces even fabric.
Repeat if necessary if the mold is really bad.

wirecutter said...

When I first started working for the warehouse, I was told to unload a truck that contained pallets of both bleach and ammonia. I refused to even open the trailer door and was threatened with being fired. I told them fine, go ahead and oh by the way whatever happened to the bill of lading - oh wait... I've got them and several friends have copies already. OHSA and CalTrans will also have a copy within the hour.
They quit shipping them like that. I don't know who unloaded that trailer.

Mel said...

Granny, the drains are galvanized pipes installed in the fifties. I'm trying to get them open so we don't have tear out walls to replace them.