Monday, December 19, 2016

Trump surpasses 270 Electoral Votes: Snowflakes melt down

Love him or hate him, he ain't Hillary.
And the next four years should be interesting.


Anonymous said...

ummm, I'll take my chances with The this case, better the demon I don't know than the one I know all too well.....

vaquero viejo

Granny said...

I found this in a book I'm currently reading; U.S.A.'s Best Newspaper Headlines, 1997. CLINTON WINS ON BUDGET, BUT MORE LIES AHEAD
British writer Colin Dexter The Remorseful Day
Maybe they will go away and not bother us anymore.

D S Craft said...

That statement is flat out wrong. The point of the EC is to prevent local concentrations of voting power from controlling the rest of the country. Worked out perfectly this year as Trump won the popular vote outside of California but Clinton led in California to the degree that it gave her the popular vote nationwide. No, we sure as hell don't want California dimwits running the rest of the country.