Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Southern etymology


Anonymous said...

that is just a wonderful illustration of Southern "economy of speech"

vaquero viejo

Sarthurk said...

yaint gonna do that again, are Ya, Barney?

I was born in Medford, Oregon.

My parents are from New England, and grandparents from Germany.

Some folks say I talk like I'm from the South.
I just participated in a Delta Blues guitar workshop a couple of weeks ago. It was awesome.


Phil said...

One of my favorites is JEET.

As in, jeet yet?

For those with no exposure to Southern speech,
Did you eat yet?
Didja eat yet.
Jeet yet?

Love that one.

Unclezip said...

Yarnt done till I tellyer done.

Anonymous said...

An apostrophe goes after the first letter in any Southern contraction.