Friday, July 7, 2017

Dog Days of Summer

Around here, from May to September, the only safe times to walk the pooches is Dawn and Dusk. Very early morning and almost dark. Some days are still too hot by sundown for the asphalt to cool off enough for puppy paws. Try to keep them on grassy areas as much as possible and treat burns to their pads immediately with the same routine you'd treat a skin burn.

Remember, they rely on us to make the smart choice and to give them the care they can't give to


Anonymous said...

We are having a heat wave. 38C is the daytime high. It's not texas hot but for us its sweltering.


Anonymous said...

I remember Dad telling about working cattle with dogs in the summer in the Piney Woods of East Texas, about 100 miles north of Houston. Several times he had to pick up a pooch, lay him over his saddle, ride to the nearest lake, and soak the black mouth cur or catahoula until they revived. Growing up I worked cows in that same neighborhood. It was hell on horses, dogs.....and aspiring(perspiring) young cowhands.

vaquero viejo

STxAR said...

We used to walk the gutters in Lubbock during the summer. The tar would bubble up and we'd pop the bubbles with our toes. I hated sand, and asphalt. That would heat up to almost glowing in the summer. The concrete gutters were a bit cooler than the street.

Everyone wonders why I wear boots from wake up to bedtime now.