Friday, June 1, 2018

Rules for Acceptable Behavior of Conservatives

After the last few kerfuffles where someone said something that made the collective internet heads spin, I wanted to see if there was any rhyme or reason to why some people get in trouble and others don't. I've asked the few Liberals who still talk to me online and have received stunning silence. Apparently, pointing out that, when it comes to Conservatives, Liberals want neither justice nor fairness makes them uncomfortable.

Since the Liberals won’t give us a list of Acceptable Behavior for Conservatives, I’m going to start compiling one based on observations. Be warned, this list is arbitrary and subject to change at their whim.

1. It is acceptable to attack a Conservative woman’s appearance. It is NOT acceptable to say anything whatsoever about a Liberal person’s appearance (I didn’t want to assume zer’s gender).

This is okay.
This is NOT okay.

2. It is acceptable to compare a white Conservative to an ape/chimp/orangutan.

3. It is only acceptable to compare a Black person to an ape/chimp/orangutan if it’s another Black person doing it. Extra points if it’s a Black Liberal attacking a Black Conservative.

4. It is NEVER acceptable to assume anyone’s gender/race/species. Always ask them to provide you with a list of acceptable descriptors.

5. The only Caucasian of value is one who is Liberal and deeply ashamed of their appalling lack of melanin. Even then, they are merely viewed as useful idiots.

Please feel free to add more as you encounter them.


wirecutter said...

I'm getting a fucking headache.

Irish said...

I’m waiting for the sweet meteor of death 💀

Hi Angel 😇

Corey said...

i'm just waiting for the zombies

Loco Gato said...

Glad to see that your are blogging again. Libs/anti-Amaericans,or whatever the hell they are, are true americans are are waste of time. They are actually going blow blown bat shit crazy. All their pent up hate for America since the 30's is coming to a head like a nasty boil!

Loco Gato said...

I need to proofread more! As in," they are NOT true Americans". I blame it on the beer and that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Anonymous said...

I'm praying for it.


KTS said...

They're not liberals, that's for sure. If you asked any of them to explain the arguments for freedom of speech in John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty" their heads would explode.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure there are no rules for acceptable behavior of Conservatives, because it isn't acceptable to them for us to be Conservative.


Skip said...

I'm with Kenny. I can't keep up, won't take notes, and I'm out of aspirin.


Beans said...

It isn't a hate crime when liberals attack a conservative.

It is a hate crime, and just about anything else they can charge or claim, when a conservative uses self-defense.

It is rape when a conservative looks at a liberal in a way the liberal sees as 'overtly sexist.'

It is applied consentual sex when a liberal yanks a person off the road and does ungodly things to them.

It is 'murder' if a conservative says harsh words.

It is 'A-Okay' for liberals to murder 300k+ children a year.

It is 'Death Panels and Gas Chambers' when conservatives want to fix the medical system in the USA.

It is 'Affordable Care Act' and 'A-Okay' to push and enact a system that is contrary to life, and isn't affordable at all.

I could go on, but I just barfed up my dinner. F-in liberal pansy-assed slope-headed brain-dead walking piles of zombie carp.

And... What Bacon aid.

Unclezip said...

Just another day in Paradise. You can't tell the players without a scorecard.

Welcome back, Angel.

Heathen said...

I've spent the bulk of my adult life not giving a damn about what society considered "acceptable behavior"! Too late to start now.

"I am;what I am."

pigpen51 said...

The only acceptable behavior for a conservative is to die. Anything else is not allowed by the left.

Rob said...

In one Heinlein book he talks of the "crazy times", I think they're here.

It's good to see you back...

skybill said...

Hi Angel,
If it wasn't for:
"for starters,"
I'd probably be doing "25 to Life!!!"

Your post reminds me of a very old cartoon I saw in "PLAYBOY" back in the early 70's.. the picture showed 2 lions in a den adjacent to the Coliseum in rome during the "anti Christian era.." one Lion with a dejected look on his face is saying,"Christians give you heartburn???... Christians give everybody heartburn!!"..... Change the word Christian to "Liberal!!!!"
Obumer was "Tied to the Whipping Post" and Got!!!... "THE WHITE LASH!!!!"

lofty said...

It has become a western world disease!

Oh and hi Angel..good to see ya.

Anonymous said...

Yes'm, I'm having trouble on deciding what I'm allowed to say and/or picture. Lucky for me, MSM and Progressive sources are glad to edjamacate me.

Glad to see a post from you - hope you and family are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Time to add insinuating incest between daughter and conservative father. Then add the Cuase Ur Not Thinking or Can't Understand Normal Thinking. Not one person even dreamed of doing that w Obama and daughters for fear of bursting into flames.

Jesse in DC said...

I was raised to respect others, and live and let live. The Commie left is incapable of doing that. They are going to keep pushing us until we have no choice but to push back. I am almost ashamed that I am starting to look forward to that day.

Anonymous said...

so much for the "content of their character".

Fatman said...

Arguing ideology with Progessives is pointless. I would rather argue facts and history. Inevitably when presented with the facts about Progressivism they scream louder and fling more crap. When this happens you know you've "hit a nerve". When you tell them the truth about Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood they scream LIAR. But after you provide historical facts from her writing and speeches that prove she was a racist piece of excrement their heads begin to swell to the point of catastrophic failure.
The congressional record is full of the Democrats fight to maintain the status quo regarding slavery. They fought the Republicans for years before the Civil War to maintain their "right " to own slaves. But somehow that has morphed into now the Republicans are racist and the Democrats are the party of tolerance.
History is full of information regarding the Progessives slow march toward totalitarian control of all of our lives but the "useful idiots" either don't know or don't care. Ignorance can be forgiven and rectified. The ones that don't care are deserving of being crushed.

Anonymous said...

Hello Angel and Welcome back to the Active List,

I tend to agree with Fatman. There seems to be a serious lack of
understanding regarding the history of our country and the Democratic
Party. The 'FACTS' as laid out show that democrats have been anti
-freedom since their inception, and elitist rule is their only goal.
The real problem is that too many of us are afraid of expressing those facts to people that are not capable of moving past 'feelings'.

Again, welcome back,

Unknown said...

Welcome back sweet lady.

Critter said...

Hello again. :)

ankit said...

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