Friday, April 24, 2015

Fun and funky Friday float

1 can root beer, cold
2 shots or more of Jack Daniel’s*
1 big scoop of vanilla ice cream
In a mug, pour shots of JD whiskey.
Add in root beer and stir for 5 seconds.
Top with vanilla ice cream. Serve immediately.

*Adjust the amount of alcohol depending on how much of a hit you want to achieve.


Walter Zoomie said...


That is a crime against good bourbon. :(


VonZorch said...

I prefer half cold root beer and half cold root beer schnaps, with chocolate ice cream.

Dave In Indiana said...

There are blunts in the picture. Are those part of the recipe?

stevierayv said...


hiswiserangel said...

Okay, you manly dudes can drink your bourbon any way you like, but I want a damned float.

DoninSacto said...

JD is for sippin' or if you want to make it last a long time, over ice. Root Beer floats are for Saturday afternoons with the kids.

Anonymous said...

I've done something similar with blackberry brandy and 7-up when company comes over. They seem to like it.

Somewhere behind enemy lines,
Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia

North Texan said...

I think it sounds awesome